GOP Just Demanded Hillary Clinton Give Them A ‘Plan’ To Fix Healthcare And Got ROASTED ALIVE (TWEETS)

On Wednesday, the GOP — in an effort to deflect from the fact that they have failed multiple times to come up with an acceptable alternative to Obamacare — began rage-tweeting Democrats demanding that they supply them with a workable plan. This, of course, is despite Republicans’ decision to shut Democrats entirely out of the process while they came up with their terrible replacement for the Affordable care Act.

“‘We’ve got to fix what’s broken,’” the GOP tweeted with a two second video of Hillary Clinton saying those words. “Where’s your plan, @HillaryClinton?”

The simple answer, of course, is that Republicans could have Googled to find her plan. Clinton’s plan is still live on her website. While it’s far from complete, being a summary on a campaign website, it is a pretty good start. She has also spoken in detail about various things she would do to improve our healthcare system.

Americans, who have been kept in the dark about the GOP’s various failed plans, joined together to roast the living f*ck out of the Stupid Party.

The GOP also demanded that Bernie Sanders — who has presented a detailed plan for single payer healthcare — and Bill Clinton as well as other Demeocrats (all of whom with the exception of DINO Joe Manchin have shared detailed ideas with Americans) provide them with the answers they are too stupid to find themselves.

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