Tis The Season To Be Moronic — Republicans Fail At Comedy Again With New Ad

You would think after last week’s miserable attempt at comedy via a repulsive holiday campaign ad by dim-witted Senator Ted Cruz, Republicans would have learned their lesson about trying to mix politics and humor. But looks like those zany Republicans are at it again! A GOP funded Super PAC by the name of The Future45 has plans of releasing a new holiday themed attack ad the day after Christmas, and this time Republicans are directing their comedy stink bombs towards Democratic front runner, Hilliary Clinton.

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The ad so cleverly entitled “A Very Clinton Christmas” focuses around the Clinton family Christmas tree as it makes a sad bid to humiliate Clinton over her many perceived scandals. As the camera pans out you can see such half opened gifts as a paper shredder; checks with the names of foreign governments; and a Christmas card from Russian dictator Vladamir Putin. All this scene needs now is an angry little elf named “Benghazi” and Republicans would have finally hit the pinnacle of comedy idiocy!

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As a dry, lifeless narrator spits out such cringe worthy barbs as:

Twas the morning of Christmas at the Clinton house, the gifts were all opened: a new server, a mouse

one cannot help but wonder, are Republicans really so absent of all self awareness? Can they truly not see they have the comedic sophistication of a 6 year old calling their sister a poopy head? Or is this just yet another pathetic attempt by the GOP to pander to a lowest common denominator voter base that is littered with angry and uneducated yokels?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHopiIu1cVE?rel=0]

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