GOP House (The REAL Death Panel) Votes Down Funding For Amtrak Hours After Deadly Crash

Completely proving that they are nothing but sociopaths with bad haircuts, House Republicans thought it was prudent to vote to gut $260 million from Amtrak’s budget, merely hours after a deadly train crash that needlessly resulted in 7 passenger deaths and many injuries.

That cozy and greedy bubble in which they reside must not be getting any of the gazillion news stories regarding  the wreckage from Tuesday night’s seven-fatality derailment in Philadelphia, as the House Appropriations Committee voted to screw Amtrak almost a fifth less than its typical $1.4 billion share. The panel defeated Democratic amendments meant to restore or boost the funding.

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And perhaps since nearly every Republican is running for president and thus has their lips firmly affixed to Sheldon Adelson’s wrinkly old butt, they had the unmitigated gall to claim that investigators have yet to conclude the cause of the crash. In reality, multiple news reports indicated that the train may have been speeding at more than 100 mph in a 50-mph zone before it derailed. For the Democrats’ part, they claim that the  cuts seem to be in keeping with Congress failing to keep up with the needs of the nation’s aging transportation networks. Moreover, networks that include dilapidated roads and bridges as well as ailing mass transit systems like D.C.’s Metro.

You think? And Kim Kardashian likes Instagram. But perhaps we could immediately get funding for roads and bridges if we named them after Middle Eastern countries. 

“We are divesting from America,” said Rep. Steve Israel, who joined fellow New York Democrat Nita Lowey in denouncing the GOP bill as a case of badly mismatched priorities.

“Starving rail of funding will not enable safer train travel,” said Lowey, the top Democrat on Appropriations. (Politico)

Besides gutting Amtrak, the House bill would also cut funding for D.C.’s Metro system, which just  had a rush-hour meltdown no more than  two days ago due to smoke in the tunnel connecting Washington with Northern Virginia. Of course this was the same party that found all the time–and money–in the world to vote against major flight delays. You know, since every american is in dire need of having to fly to a lavish fundraiser to kiss some ugly and hateful billionaire’s butt. This is precisely why friends don;t let friends vote Republican these days.

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