GOP Helpless As Trump Decimates Their Party

The Republican Party is looking worse for wear despite the fact that their front-runner, Donald Trump, has all but wrapped up the party’s nomination. News has emerged that the Republican mainstream poster boy, Marco Rubio, has lost the propaganda organization of the party, Fox News. It is reported that Fox News chief, Roger Ailes, has resigned his support from Rubio.

In truth, Fox News is responsible for the rise of Donald Trump. The refusal to condemn Trump during his racist and bigoted attacks on President Barack Obama propelled him to the top among conservatives. His frequent phone-ins to Fox and Friends to rally the fervor Republican hatred against minorities has now returned to harm the real the powerhouses of the GOP, the donors.

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Donald Trump’s campaign of bigotry, is taken strictly from the playbook of Ailes but, without the traditional mega-donations from the well-established Republican donors. Trump represents a wildcard even more unpredictable than Sanders and Clinton for the Republicans. Trump could easily shift left in the general election, however unlikely that is. But here lies the problem for the GOP donors: the monopoly of hate is now coming to an end.

Now, Mitt Romney has entered the framed. Not as a candidate, but his “huge” announcement could be a sign of the 2012 Republican nominee testing the waters for a future venture into the race. It may be too late for him to run on the Republican ticket but Romney as an “independent” candidate could provide the Republican Party a de facto candidate for the establishment.

Consequently, Romney’s attack is unlikely to damage Trump, it may even strengthen Trump’s position with dissatisfied voters. But the Republican establishment is not clueless of this ploy. With Michael Bloomberg threatening to run as an Independent could the Republican’s be planning a fallback option?

Donald Trump, to his credit, is his own man. He may carry the same repulsive principles as many of the party’s donors however, he has no obligation to do favors for the mega-rich donors nor does he have to take into consideration what his advisors have to think. Simply put, the donor has become the candidate and is now selfishly threatening to cut his rich friends out of the pie.

Even the universally hated Ted Cruz would begrudgingly be welcomed as president, due to his water-carrier relationship to the very top donors of his party. Donald Trump represents the Republicans best hope of recapturing the White House. Not only does he have the conservative votes, the Republican moderators are also propelling Trump’s crazy ride to the top.

Trump does what he thinks is best for Trump. No thought given for his conservative base, nor his party and definitely not for America.

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