GOP Hatred Loses More Ground: President Obama Named ‘Most Admired Man In The World’

They call him a Kenyan Muslim Socialist Marxist Communist Dictator.  The lies and disrespect they’ve spread about him are unprecedented of any other President in history.

All the while, his approval ratings grow.  He smirks and shrugs it off while his policies and actions continue to help our country out of the hole created by his predecessor.

He is the President of the United States of America, and whether they like it or not, he is admired and respected by more people in this country than any other man, for the seventh year in a row.

Gallup released its annual poll of who Americans admire most, and President Obama topped the list.  While the sitting President typically gets the nod for the most admired man, Obama’s reign in the top spot is especially significant when you consider how far the right has gone to discredit his every move, obstruct his entire agenda and disrespect him and his family over the dumbest of non-issues.

According to Gallup:

Obama has appeared on the top 10 list each year since 2006, including ranking No. 1 in each of the last seven years, all by healthy margins over the second-place finisher. The incumbent president is nearly always the winner of the most admired distinction, having placed first in all but 12 of the 68 years the question has been asked.

Democrats and Democratic leaners widely choose Hillary Clinton (20%) and Barack Obama (33%) as the most admired woman and man, respectively. Not unexpectedly, Republicans and Republican leaners are much less likely to name either as their most admired. In fact, former Secretary of State Rice edges out Winfrey and Clinton as the most admired woman among Republicans. Obama and Pope Francis tie as the most admired man among Republicans, at 8%.

Republicans’ and Democrats’ top five most admired women include both Clinton and Winfrey, and their top five most admired men include both the president and the pope. Beyond these, their choices differ.

You can clearly see that the ignorant base of the GOP weren’t excluded from the poll as Bill O’Reilly, Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin each received 1% of the vote.

Despite claims that she personally murdered 4 people in Benghazi and has some super-secret squirrel emails confirming it, Hillary Clinton topped the list of most admired woman for seventeen of the last eighteen years.

The news doesn’t bode well for Republican Presidential candidates, since Clinton currently holds no public office.  Her popularity continues to rise as Americans tire of Republican policy failures.

H/T: Politicus | Image: Wikipedia



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