GOP Governor: No ‘Prepared Foods’ On SNAP, Like Spaghetti Sauce, Pickles And Deli Meat

Maine Governor Paul Lepage is on another LeRampage against the poor. Well known as a crass corporate puppet who keeps dangling the shiny object of poor-shaming in front of the ignorant in order to keep the focus from his lack of performance and handouts to the wealthy, LePage is again hitting the poor in the face with restrictions and allegations of welfare and food stamp fraud.

His past LeRampages have ended with some of the most insulting public poor-shaming in the nation. He’s said that the 32,000 unemployed Mainers are that way because they’re lazy, and that welfare recipients in Maine are too busy getting high to look for jobs.

LePage ranks 45th in the country in job creation. His tax policies are nothing but a slap in the face to average Mainers, and gifts to wealthy donors.  He has refused to expand Medicaid, leaving tens of thousands of Mainers in the “Medicaid Gap” between being eligible for assistance and federal subsidies.

Lepage was able to squeak past Democrat Mike Michaud in 2014 when Democrats stayed home to protest the way their party caved to conservative interests and distanced themselves from the President, and the results will spell disaster for the Pine Tree State for years to come.

The latest round of restrictions will deny hungry people anything that is taxable, such as sweets, soda, and seltzer.  Going deeper into the tax code, it will also deny foods sold in bulk that may otherwise be taxable, such as large jars of spaghetti sauce, pickles and deli meats.

Many people on food stamps who buy items like these once a month to maximize their benefits may be out of luck, as this LeRampage would require them to instead spend three times as much on fresh cucumbers, vinegar, tomatoes, spices, olive oil and other expensive items rather than a big jar of Vlasics or Prego.

All under the guise of your tax dollars not being “wasted” on frivolous food purchases like the 11 that were investigated in 2012.

Here’s a dose of reality, Pauly:  Poor people can’t afford to eat healthy. They survive on Top Ramen, Kraft Mac n Cheese and Banquet Salisbury steaks, and they still run out of benefits far before the end of the month.

Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow.

LePage grew up poor and worked his way through school. Kudos to the governor for his hard work, but things were a lot different in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Hope for the future rather than hatred for his impoverished past might just go a long way towards gaining things like empathy and compassion, something his parents and seventeen siblings obviously never instilled in him.

Hopefully Democrats have learned their lesson. Staying home to punish your party in a vital election year leads to imbeciles on LeRampages taking much-needed support from the working poor and middle class and handing it to the people who paid to get them elected.

H/T: Think Progress | Image: Screen Capture fromWCSH6

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