GOP Governor Gets Lubed With Vaseline And Storms Off Like A Toddler (VIDEO)

Maine Governor Paul LePage ended a town hall meeting this week after a former state lawmaker tossed a jar of Vaseline at him this week. LePage then stormed off like a toddler who skipped his afternoon nap.

Former Rep. Joanne Twomey was grilling Governor LePage over his budget plan, which is an atrocity to Mainers.  He’s selling lower-income taxes for the working poor and the middle class, paid for with increases in sales and use taxes and leaving municipalities with no choice but to boost property taxes.

The top earners in Maine fare well with the proposal, having their taxes cut to next to nothing, eliminating the estate tax, which only affects the wealthy, and providing subsidies for property taxes that would be minimal for average home-owners but substantial for coastal millionaires and real estate moguls.

Twomey was being thrown out of the arena not for throwing the vaseline, which was more of a symbolic gesture in support of another Democratic lawmaker, but for voicing her opinion about the budget plan and refusing to be silenced.

After the incident, LePage said, “I was willing to stay here and talk, and help try to explain it, but…this is just unreasonable.”

With that the town hall was over, as LePage couldn’t handle the people of his state standing up to his dreams of being a puppet for yet another Republican oligarchy.

Former Rep. Twomey tosses a jar of Vaseline at Governor LePage.

H/T: The Huffington Post | Image: Screen Capture

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