GOP ‘Gays Are Like Gremlins’ Candidate At It Again

Culler releases new video which threatens homosexuals

Last week, South Carolina Congressional GOP candidate, Anthony Culler, dropped a sizable rant on his Facebook page where he called same-sex marriage a “pestilence” and compared same-sex couples to “gremlins,” also calling them a “scourge on society,” and “bullies.” The post has since been deleted but Culler seems to be enjoying his new found attention over the rant, because his page has grown by several thousand ‘likes’ and now he can’t seem to shut up.

Culler is back, scrabbling for more attention and campaign donations by doubling down on his “gremlins” comment; inciting Christians to take action against same-sex couples and aggravating those who sympathize with gay marriage to a frenzy.


The lengthy video opens with Culler standing next to a Civil War cannon, referring to homosexuals almost exclusively as “gremlins” and “creatures.” He also calls those who spoke out against his comments “bigots.” Culler also compares same-sex couples to that of ISIS and Ebola, calling same-sex marriage the greatest “outbreak” facing our nation yet. He goes on to explain that gremlins from the movie Gremlins cannot be in the light of the sun, while gay “gremlins” cannot stand in the light of the “Son.” Culler says:

I will bring you change. Change only comes with change, and another thing you can count on, no matter how many ‘Gremlins’ there are across this country, [Pats cannon] we here in the 6th District stand against it. Government, pass whatever laws you want. When you elect me on November 4, I will stand against every initiative put through for same-sex marriage. I’m absolutely against it.

Another thing about these people, the Gremlins, that they seem to believe in the same thing: Same-sex marriage, abortion, legalized drugs—Everything good, traditional Christian families are against.

In another post, Culler says:

Operation Gremlin has completely surprised the same-sex marriage “victors” and they are reeling from this surprise attack. For those of you that seek a new opportunity to grab victory from the mouth of the gremlin then now is the time to mobilize your churches, friends, and family!

This quote was accompanied by a five-second video, where Culler simply turns around with gun hands and says, “Pow-Pow,” which may be cute if he were a kindergartner, but many see it as threatening homosexuals.

His vernacular and body language seem to suggest he’s mixing the idea of an ideological war against the LGBTQ community with a real one. Luckily, his democratic opponent, Jim Clyburn (D-SC) is still seemingly in the lead, with only two weeks left in the race.

Culler’s statements have prompted other GOP politicians to drop their support for him. South Carolina’s GOP Chairman, Matt Moore told The State newspaper the candidate was desperately seeking attention and said:

Most people learned in kindergarten not to call other people names, our party believes in the conservative definition of marriage, but we also believe in loving our neighbors and treating them with respect.

While Culler’s statements may have put him on the map with a few fellow bigots, a Pew Research study shows a steady increase in support for gay couples in South Carolina since 2003, rising from 27 percent to 45 percent this year. Paired with the SCOTUS decision to not hear cases against gay marriage, and a steadily increasing number of legal same-sex marriage states, the Cullers of the world are being left behind.

H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement Photo: Facebook (video screencap)



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