GOP Frontrunner Scott Walker Admits A Re-Invasion Of Iraq Is Not Off The Table

While most Republicans are certain that they would not have invaded Iraq then knowing what we know now, one Republican — Wisconsin’s own Scott Walker — wants America to know that a full-blown re-invasion of Iraq isn’t off the table if he’s elected.

Republican hindsight is 20/200

Bush’s Colonial Adventure in Iraq was, hands down, one of the most costly military debacles in recent history. It, and America’s tendency to prop up loyal illiberal democracies and autocracies as opposed to legitimate democracies that lead to the Arab Spring, are what directly gave rise to ISIL and the Islamic State.

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Most Republicans realize this; that’s why, even if they don’t admit it at first, they eventually acknowledge that the invasion was a disastrous thing that they of course would not do.

Which also explains why some of them are willing to dive back in again, Scott Walker included.

When asked if he would consider a re-invasion of the failing Middle Eastern state to protect American national security, Walker agreed, telling ABC’s Johnathan Karl in an exclusive interview on This Week that:

It would not be limited to anything out there. Once we start saying how far we’re willing to go or how many troops we’re willing to invest, we send a horrible message, particularly to foes in the Middle East who are willing to wait us out

Walker is apparently biting at the bit for a war, too; like most Republicans, he’s attacked President Obama’s handling of Iraq and Syria because of its “limited scope” and because he doesn’t believe in “open-ended, limitless engagements.”

Which is funny, if you think about it. There’s no better way to describe the three things the Republicans love most — the War on Terror, War on Drugs, and War on the Other — than “open-ended, limitless engagements.”

Goose-stepping to the beat of his own drum

According to Walker, his “belief” is that “being prepared” for the presidency is more important than “preparing for debates.”

Of course, we already knew Walker was an epistemic ouroboros. Like most Republicans, he refuses to listen to opinions that are not his own, and talking to a brick wall is more productive. This is actually why he’s so popular: he refuses to negotiate, talk, or even listen to other opinions.

Walker has emphasized international affairs in recent months, and said that he’s had discussions with the likes of David Cameron, Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, “and others like that.”

“I thought it was interesting for the president to say that — the guy who called ISIS the JV squad and Yemen a success story somehow suggesting someone else should bone up on foreign policy,” he said.

If Walker were as smart as he’s claiming, then he’d know that ISIS is trying to provoke the United States into an apocalyptic showdown in the Middle East that would mark the return of Jesus. Any attempt to fight them harder is going to draw more attention to their cause and make their apocalyptic fantasies seem more possible.

Of course, that’d mean admitting that Christian Right has something in common with Da’esh — that is, the same Middle Eastern endgame: bring about the apocalypse and the return of Jesus at the end of days. And there’s no way he, or other Republicans, would admit that.

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