More GOP ‘Family Values’: House Candidate Dressed As ‘Gay Hitler,’ Accused Of Abuse By Ex-Wife

There’s an interesting battle going on in Texas, as two GOP candidates are vying for a San Antonio area seat in the state legislature. The two are heading towards a showdown in a runoff election on May 24, and the race has recently turned ugly.

The contest pits current state representative Doug Miller against a Tea Party backed candidate named Kyle Biedermann, a Fredericksburg, Texas hardware store owner. Apparently the Texas House isn’t crazy right-wing enough for the Tea Party, and they want to push it even further off the deep end. But their candidate in this race has some skeletons in his closet.

It was revealed in late March that in 2008, Biedermann dressed as “gay Hitler” for a Saturday Night Live themed costume party. “Gay Hitler” was a character who appeared on one episode of the show in 2001, played by actor Chris Kattan. But that appearance obviously stuck in the mind of Biedermann, who decided some seven years later to bring the character out of the closet. The Tea Party challenger was so proud of the costume that he posted it on his Facebook page, where it remained, until recently.

When asked about the costume by the San Antonio Express-News, the candidate said he didn’t see any problems with it.

What would be offensive about that photograph? This whole thing is about political correctness. It’s not a problem for me whatsoever.

But before he began his run for the House seat, the picture came down. Why, if it wasn’t offensive, the paper wanted to know.

Well, because the incumbents — I mean my opponent, they would, you know, you know how it is, people are going to take it out of context.

That was bad enough. But this past week, the conservative site Texas GOP Vote released portions of court documents from a long, drawn-out custody battle between Biedermann and his ex-wife. Those documents reveal that the candidate was once the subject of a restraining order, banning him from coming within 100 yards of his children. He was also prohibited from calling his daughters on the phone. That came after a judge found that

Of course, divorces can be nasty, and there are usually a number of “he said, she said” accusations surrounding them. But it is also important to keep in mind that the accusations made by Biedermann’s ex-wife were part of a sworn affidavit. Those accusations include:

  • Physical abuse of his wife
  • Humiliating his wife in front of the children
  • Talking about “adult” topics with their children
  • Refusing to take his daughter to the doctor after she broke both wrists
  • Sleeping nude with his daughters

In a statement released by the campaign, Avian Biedermann said that she had made statements “to hurt Kyle but never knew they would get out to the public.” In that statement she also said:

Miller and his campaign have been calling, emailing and mailing thousands of voters and telling them horrible lies about my ex-husband. The court gave my ex-husband joint custody of our children because he is a great father. For the sake of our daughters, Kyle put aside our past and maintained a positive relationship with me.

The Texas Tribune says that they have been unable to reach the former Mrs. Biedermann to confirm whether she actually made that comment.

Kyle Biedermann describes himself as a “conservative, Christian Republican.” But the court documents paint a picture of a man who is anything but those things. Just more Teapublican “family values.” Now Biedermann wants to join Republicans in the legislature, where he can take part in the time-honored GOP tradition of “do as I say, not as I do.”

Featured image via San Antonio Express-News

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