GOP FAIL: Whiny Rand Paul Offended By Attacks On Prayer, Not Shootings (VIDEO)

Mocking the president’s timely and repetitive calls for gun sense in America, a very whiny Rand Paul exuded butthurt about “snide, snotty, arrogant” people attacking prayer instead of foreigners.

But for people to mock religion, to mock prayer, and then act like there is some kind of law that would fix this. You know, there may well be, but it won’t be a gun control law, it may be a law stopping people from coming into this country from certain parts of the world where they are intent on killing us.

Does Rand Paul not understand that we are sick and f*cking tired of our loved ones bleeding out on the ground because some assh*le with a gun decided their life was less important than whatever arbitrary reason they had to start shooting? Hasn’t he noticed that the fervent prayers of this nation – to whatever god they pray to – are NOT STOPPING THE CARNAGE?

Rand Paul isn’t calling for change, he isn’t calling to end the massacre of Americans, by Americans, nope, he is defending a religious act after the fact instead. He is also fear-mongering, a law stopping Muslims from entering this country would have stopped about one and a half of the mass shootings this year, out of 355. Yeah, that will keep us MUCH safer, almost 0.42 percent (0.0042) safer, wow (sarcasm font).

Here is Rand Paul’s epic fail in response to America crying out for more real action and for people to realize that prayer is not fixing this:


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