GOP Ethics Lawyer: Trump Organization A ‘Serious Problem’ For U.S. Interest If Trump Wins

Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald has done the American public an amazing service by revealing just how dangerous it would be for America’s interests should Donald Trump win the presidency this November. The reason for this is the fact that Donald Trump has an insane number of dubious ties and business interests in foreign countries that would create a terrible conflict of interest with regards to financial, domestic, and foreign policy. It has even been reported that some of Trump’s ties are to people closely tied to foreign governments, and some who traffic in illegal activities.

Well, there is one person from George W. Bush’s administration who has come out of the woodwork to urge the media and the public to consider what we’d be getting the nation and the world into should Donald Trump become president. That person is ethics attorney Richard Painter. He says that the only way to alleviate these concerns if the unthinkable happens is to have Trump and every member of his family completely get out of the Trump Organization. Painter says:

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“He needs to be out, he and his family need to be out. To deal with the conflicts of interest the answer is to have all of these holdings, put ‘em all into a holding company, one company. He assigns all of his personal interests in everything to a holding company, then does an initial public offering for cash on Jan. 20 with the registration statement and he takes the cash, puts it in treasury bills or something like that.”

Painter goes on to urge the media to help sound the alarm on Trump’s dealings into the realm of that which would have the average, non-political junkie American voter concerned. He goes on to say:

“I think it needs media attention, I think it’s a serious problem. The fact that he won’t even deal with it just like he won’t release his tax returns is a serious problem. The problems with Clinton is we just hear the same stuff over and over again, there is not a lot of stuff to talk about. … With Trump we’ve got this long list of problems.”

Painter, of course, has endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president. And that’s just the issue – the media keeps trumpeting all over the place about Hillary’s health, or her emails, or the Clinton Foundation, when we have true dangers stalking the nation and world in the event of a Trump presidency.

Painter goes on to point out how Trump is at the mercy of his many, very powerful creditors all over the world:

“My number one concern is the amount of debt and the way he’s basically beholden to the banks. Like any real estate guy he has the support of loosey goosey credit regime and that means cronies in the banks keep throwing money at him. What the Newsweek article does is flesh out another dimension of this particularly with respect to the international holdings and I very much suspect that they’ve only uncovered the tip of the iceberg.”

Painter then brushes aside the idea that the Trump kids could run the Trump Organization while Trump is in the White House, saying:

“Just turning it over to his son and say his son is going to manage it, or his daughter, that doesn’t solve the problem. I don’t think that if he has these financial interests and turns it over to his son, he knows what’s there. He knows who they’re dependent on outside the United States. He knows which foreign governments and which organizations, which business consortiums he’s dependent on. If the statute applied to him, the criminal conflict of interest statute, that solution would never work.”

Donald Trump is so fond of calling Hillary crooked, and look at what has been uncovered here. Trump is dangerous, not just temperamentally – though that is more than enough to make a sane person terrified of his occupying the Oval Office. Trump is dependent on some very powerful, and likely dangerous people with ties to governments that do things that we’d never dream of doing here in the United States. Make no mistake, America – Trump is the one who is crooked here, and dangerously so.

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