GOP Convention Dissolves Into Chaos Over Roll Call Vote: And This Is Only Day One! (TWEETS, VIDEO)

The Republican convention hasn’t even been going for a full day yet and things are already getting contentious. The convention floor saw a meltdown when Arkansas Rep. Steve Womack put the rules to a vote. No-Trump delegates wanted a roll call vote but Womack refused, calling the rules approved by voice. That’s when things got loud.

ABC’s Scott Thurman Tweeted video of the chaos:

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As did Tal Kopan of CNN:

Dueling chants of “Call the roll” and “USA” by no-Trump and pro-Trump supporters, respectively, turned the convention into a shouting match. The no-Trump folks had turned in petitions to force a roll call earlier in the day that showed at least nine states that wanted to call the roll — enough to do so under party rules.

But the GOP bigwigs wanted to avoid that scenario as it would highlight the discord in the party. How did that work out for you, gang? Despite what Ron Kaufman — a party leader from Massachusetts — told ABC, the discord is very visible.

This is the best possible outcome for us. The never Trump movement never was.

You can tell yourself that, Mr. Kaufman but the video says otherwise. We know Discordia when we see it and we’re looking at it on the convention floor.

One high-profile delegate, former VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, was furious. Saying that the RNC was violating its own rules and that the refusal to allow a roll call vote was “disenfranchisement,” he threw his credentials on the floor. That’s rich, him complaining about disenfranchisement.

After Rep. Womack called the rules passed by voice vote, he high-tailed it out of there. Fast. Senator Mike Lee of Utah was flabbergasted:

Yes, somebody probably does. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it. The RNC wasn’t about to let a roll call vote derail their propaganda of a united GOP.

This is just Day One of the convention. I better go out and get some more popcorn. This is going to be a very weird week. Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Featured Image via Screen Capture/Scott Thurman Tweet

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