GOP Congressman’s Press Secretary Compares African-Americans To ‘Zoo Animals’ (IMAGE)

A racist Republican?  Who ever heard of such a thing?  While being a member of the almost-exclusively white, male-dominated heterosexual world of the GOP often times comes with racism already installed, one would think a Congressman’s press secretary would show a little more discretion when allowing his true colors to shine through.

That wasn’t the case for Benjamin Cole, Press Secretary for Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL), who was exposed by Think Progress Thursday as not only a racist but a racist who isn’t afraid to prove it on Facebook:


Apparently Mr. Cole didn’t approve of the black people on his street, calling them “zoo animals” who had escaped while the zoo was closed due to a 2013 government shutdown.

Cole is a former Baptist pastor and energy industry spokesman. Jesus and purchasing congressmen do typically go hand in hand with racism.

His posts came with the hashtag #gentrifytoday.  While gentrification tends to indicate a need for homes and businesses to conform to a middle-class neighborhood, Cole has cleverly indicated that the people on his street, not the homes, need to do the same.

Everyone knows black people couldn’t possibly conform to the middle, class, don’t they Ben?


Cole’s posts were uploaded with a video of a black woman arguing with someone who couldn’t be seen. Both the video and Cole’s racist posts had been removed from his Facebook page Wednesday.

Think Progress tried to reach the Congressman’s Chief Of Staff but hadn’t received a reply.  Not surprising, considering “yeah, he’s just another rank and file GOP bigot” probably wouldn’t go far in public opinion outside of regular Fox News viewers.

Former Pastor Cole wrote about his racism in a 2008 article for

During the course of the past year, I too have been forced to wrestle with my own prejudices. At times, I’ve joined the bigoted banter and helped to scratch the old wounds of racism.

Apparently five years later he had forgotten how he struggled with his demons and had settled back into a comfy racist way of life.

Cole was forced to resign after this story came out, even though the people who vote for the Schock will no-doubt refuse to care and agree that African-Americans are “zoo animals.”

Stay classy, GOP.

H/T: Think Progress | Image: Facebook


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