GOP Chair Tweets Take Guns From African-Americans Because ‘Blacks Lives Matter’

Former Arizona GOP chairman, Randy Pullen, sent out a ridiculously racist tweet in response to the Democratic candidates saying the Black Lives Matter movement is legitimate:

Pullen Tweet

Former Arizona GOP chair’s Tweet on BLM

If you ignore all the facts about gun violence this tweet makes sense, in a GOP echo chamber anyway. It is quite obvious that the fact that most mass killers and domestic terrorists are white, Christian males, has never crossed his mind. It is totally not racist either (insert sarcasm here).

As a matter of fact we saw this very thing earlier this summer when Dylann Roof walked into a historically black, South Carolina church and gunned down nine innocent people. His reason? He wanted to start a race war.

The GOP has always been in favor of gun control when it comes to black people. Remember the assault weapons ban that President Reagan signed into law after the Black Panthers armed themselves, legally?

“Open carry for all!,” says the GOP, as long as you are not brown, black or any other race but white, that is. Tin-foil-hat wearing, racist gun-humping white supremacists, however, are more than welcome to carry their assault rifles with them to grab a cup of joe!

This sick, racist double standard deserves ridicule, especially when a comment like this supports one of the main nightmares of the Republican party: The fictional gun grabs by Obama.

Apparently if you are a Conservative you are for gun grabs, and quite willing to make them happen, as long as they are segregated and the people who are doing the most killing get to keep theirs.

Just another way for terrified right-wing nutjobs to keep guns away from the groups they are oppressing.

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