GOP Chair Priebus Throws Tantrum, Bans CNBC From Moderating Republican Debates

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has caved to the pressure from right-wing media blowhards and whiny Republican presidential candidates, and outright banned NBC networks from having any access to further Republican debates.

The CNBC debate was full of factual statements about Republican policy — and there was even some refutation of Republican lies. Candidates were pRELATED: ressed about their past statements and stances on issues and affiliations with shady groups and companies.

You know, regular factual history stuff? Sticking to the truth is not the Republicans Party’s strong suit.

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CNBC was panned by many for their debate management, whether it was questions asked, or real-time fact checking during the debate and then having ensuing arguments with the candidates who wanted to be allowed to keep lying. CNBC might have been a slight bit flamboyant with some of their material, but really this is the fault of the current crop of GOP candidates who think it is acceptable to just blatantly lie over and over in presidential debates, without being called out on it.

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Enter, Reince Priebus. Evil not-genius mastermind of the Republican National Committee. After he was getting a sound beating by many on the Right, over “allowing” CNBC to get away with what they did, he has had to come out with a protective response to cover himself from further criticism.

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Priebus had this to say, in response to his party being left to wreck each other live on stage:

While debates are meant to include tough questions and contrast candidates’ visions and policies for the future of America, CNBC’s moderators engaged in a series of ‘gotcha’ questions, petty and mean-spirited in tone, and designed to embarrass our candidates. What took place Wednesday night was not an attempt to give the American people a greater understanding of our candidates’ policies and ideas.

Priebus said that while he understood “NBC does not exercise full editorial control over CNBC’s journalistic approach… the network is an arm of your organization, and we need to ensure there is not a repeat performance.

As always, “Blame the Liberal Media” is the excuse Republicans run to when they can’t stop embarrassing themselves. No, this isn’t CNBC’s fault. They didn’t allow Republicans to completely and willfully lie to the American public during a debate to see who might hold the freakin’ nuclear codes. This is the office of the President, not some reality show where the winner gets a payday and then can leave to pursue other interests.

The ONLY blame here should be pointed at the Republican Party for allowing this utter bullsh*t to continue.

Featured Image: Youtube screen capture

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