GOP Candidates Participate In ‘Billionaire Primaries’ Because… Screw The Voters

The Republican clown car continues to gain passengers as an unusually large field of buffoons enter the race. While it’s always fun to watch as they tear each other apart over who is more pro-life, more pro-gun and more pro-tax cuts, the candidates aren’t quite ready yet to put on the gloves and attack each other.

That’s because campaigning to the people won’t begin until the real Republican primaries are over.

These early contests are to see who can woo more billionaires into giving them the most cash. Citizens United Billionaires Buy Elections has opened new doors for Republicans. As Democrats like Bernie Sanders seek donations $5 at a time, GOP contenders pander to those who can either make or break their campaigns.

Take for example Sheldon Adelson. A billionaire casino tycoon, Adelson has managed to shut Chris Christie’s big mouth and convince Jeb Bush to distance himself from the failures of his own family.

These sorts of new age GOP primaries are built around the premise that you don’t need financial support from the voters anymore. The American people no longer decide who will represent them, the bankrolls of a half-dozen entitled wealthy white men do.

Lisa Mascaro and Noah Bierman of the Chicago Tribune put the beginning stages of the right-wing primary season into perfect perspective. An article they co-wrote says:

There’s the ‘Adelson Primary’ — not to be confused with the so-called Koch Brothers Primary, the Norman Braman Caucus or the Larry Ellison Event, named for the industrialist brothers, the South Florida car dealer and the tech entrepreneur, respectively, each of whom have all but guaranteed big payoffs to one or more candidates.

The Koch Brothers Primary will yield the mother lode, with nearly a billion dollars in election-purchasing funds at stake.

Lindsey Graham, not bothering to deny that Republicans can be bought and paid for, said:

The race for the billionaires — it’s changed everything.

It certainly has. The kind of money these guys are willing to spend can take an alarmingly stagnant political campaign and turn it into a vibrant front-runner, with TV and print ads aimed at whatever propaganda a particular state’s demographic are buying at the time.

At some point the backroom political favors and post-election agendas certainly being promised will work themselves out, the mega-donors will put their eggs in one delusional basket and billions will be wasted as Democrats go to the polls in record numbers to let them all know that ultimately our government is of, by and for the people, not a handful of modern-day oligarchists looking to buy the federal government.


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