GOP Candidates Hate Each Other More Than They Hate Rules (VIDEO)

On Sunday, the Republican candidates gathered in Washington to bitch about the debate rules they have been forced to follow. The candidates were united in their quest for debate reforms — well, for a few hours anyway.

By Monday evening the untied debate rebellion had crumbled. Donald Trump’s campaign was the first to announce that they would not be signing the debate “reform” letter. Trump’s campaign said that they would negotiate with media organizations on their own. After the Trumpinator pulled out, Kasich claimed that his campaign never intended to sign it,”Whatever we’re doing, that’s what we’ll do. Play it where it lies.”

Carly Fiorina’s spokesperson emailed the Republican lawyer who authored the ridiculous reform letter, Ben Ginsberg and declined to sign it as well:

These debates are an important chance for voters to see conservative candidates under pressure and over time. We have consistently and successfully discussed our concerns with the networks and the voters — and not behind closed doors like the political class seems to like to do.

Governor Chris Christie also refused to sign it.

Basically, the candidates all realized they hate each other much more than they hate the rules of the debates. They couldn’t stand the idea of uniting with one another to get anything done. Trumpilstiltskin and Ben Carson almost didn’t attend the last debate because they thought CNBC was treating them unfairly by expecting them to answer substantive questions for three hours and not waste time with opening remarks.

You know, because it’s totally unacceptable to expect someone who wants to be president to actually prove that they know what the hell they are doing.

The Republican candidates have complained that the media is out to get them after each debate. They are so terrified to answer real policy questions that they last out at each other, resort to name calling and cry like little babies when they are forced to. The love the First Amendment, but want to infringe upon the debate moderators — and by extension Americans’ — rights to ask them where they stand. It’s really quite pathetic.

If they can’t even come together to complain, how does their base expect them to come together to govern? Oh wait…..clearly they don’t, just look at Congress.


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