Republican Candidate Promises A Chicken In Every Pot And A Gun In Every Holster

We have all heard the old campaign chestnut,

A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, but what about a gun in every holster?

That’s what California Republican Candidate, Johnny Tacherra is promising donors at the “2nd Amendment BBQ” that is to be held next weekend in Fresno California.

Just 3 days after the horrific mass shooting in San Bernardino that claimed 14 lives, Johnny Tacherra announced on his Facebook page “Our event for next Saturday made the LA Times. YES, our event at Full Spectrum Firearms will go on.” An event that will surely court the most ardent gun fanatics as Tacherra’s campaign promises to give out a free Smith & Wesson 9mm or.40 caliber handgun to any donor who pledges 2,700 dollars or more to his campaign.

Even though this event had been planned before the tragic shooting in San Bernardino last week, Carl Fogliani strategist for Tacherra’s campaign said they have no qualms about holding their event following this closely after the attack and Fogliana went on to add,

Some people on the left want this to be about guns, I think there are other aspects: trying to focus on the refugee and visa issue and on security.

The irony of Fogliani statement is that during a political era where even passing legislation that would prevent those on an FBI Terrorist Watch List from attaining high caliber weapons is nearly impossible, Republican candidates, at the behest of the NRA, have doubled down on their dangerous rhetoric. Republicans love to whip their constituents into a frenzy instead of focusing on real issues. Maybe this is why a great many conservative voters honestly believe that the true threat to their safety is Syrian Refugees, who if allowed to continue to enter our country could soon be beheading innocent Americans at the county fair and not our dangerously out of control gun culture.

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Playing off this fear and handing out guns to hapless rubes in exchange for votes is just the kind of shameless chicanery one might expect from the Republican Party, a party whose platform is now based more on bogeyman scare tactics to generate votes than an actual public policy or a sincere interest to educate voters on the issues.

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Image courtesy of Tacherra For Congress

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