GOP Candidate: Democrats Should ‘Spend Their Food Stamps’ Instead Of Voting (VIDEO)

In a moment of absolute bigoted ignorance, Texas GOP judicial candidate Ron Natinsky has proven why Americans are seeing more and more just how out of touch the Republican Party is.  Natinsky was recorded last year at a private fundraiser outlining a strategy to keep Democrats home on election day:

Well because we don’t want to motivate her voters. We don’t need another 5 or 10,000 of her people going to the polls. What we want them to think is, ‘There’s no reason. She doesn’t have an opponent.’

He was speaking of the constituents of Texas’ 30th congressional district and Representative Eddie Bernice Sanders (D), who has served 12 terms as their congresswoman.  Natinsky, after insulting the intelligence of an entire congressional district, went on to conjure the spirit of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, tossing stereotypes at the base of elitists the Republicans cater to.  Mocking the perceived persona of an entire class of people, Natinsky said:

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I don’t need to go to the polls. I’ll go spend my food stamp money at the grocery store or whatever, you know, on Election Day.

This level of class warfare is nothing new to Republicans.  Their desire to separate America into the working middle class and the wealthy versus the lazy indignant poor has created social and economic divides our country may never recover from.  The rich get richer and the poor get blamed.

Natinsky’s campaigned released this as part of a statement on the issue:

For partisan Democrats to dig out this year old tape days before the election is a desperate attempt to head off defeat in Tuesday’s election. What Democrats fail to mention is that when this tape was made a year ago, there was a legislative fight going on between Dallas Congress Members Pete Sessions and Johnson over whether to increase federal food stamp spending.

Oh well then!  That explains it. Food stamps were an issue when he made the remarks, therefore the content is irrelevant.   Apparently, there’s also a one year statute of limitations on an elitist Republican being held accountable for explaining a campaign strategy to a room full of elitist Republicans that includes incredibly stupid and ignorant rhetoric.  Natinsky’s camp may want to confer with the Romney people on how that worked out for them.  I hear 47% of them are still looking for jobs.

If people like Natinsky have their way voting will be a privilege reserved for those who can show they live above 175% of the poverty level.  Before counting food assistance, of course.

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