GOP Camps Forced To Return $$ From White Supremacist Who Inspired Charleston Murders

As news of the horrific killings in Charleston hit Thursday morning, Republicans immediately began distancing themselves from anything related to Dylann Roof.

That proved to be more difficult than they had hoped. Fox News began cheerleading against “Christian persecution” almost immediately, and it looked like the hope was that this guy must be mentally disturbed enough for them to discount the racism that would inevitably put the GOP in a bad place.

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That bad place happened, and happened again, and then again as it was discovered that Dylann Roof was indeed a racist, not some poor soul in need of counseling; that he had written a manifesto, naming a group with “conservative” right in the title as a source of his influence; and of course that yet another mass killing was pulled off at the end of a gun barrel.

The unthinkably bad publicity got worse when it was discovered that the white supremacist leader of the South Carolina Council of Conservative Citizens that inspired so much of Roof’s rage had donated to more than a couple of the campaigns of  GOP contenders.

Uh oh. Now these clowns are in the uncomfortable position of having to admit that when a white supremacist backs a candidate, that candidate is a Republican. The bigot who donated, Earl Holt III, didn’t toss a fiver at an online campaign, either. He’s a major donor, responsible for more than $10K in donations. The campaigns of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Rick Santorum are the benefactors so far.

Spokesmen for the campaigns have said they will return the money, with Paul’s campaign saying it will donate it to a fund for the families of the Charleston shootings.

The largest contribution, $8,500, went to Ted Cruz. Cruz, the Tea Party favorite, has been the most distant from the shootings, calling the administration’s response an attack on the 2nd amendment and scoffing at the fact that Roof perpetrated a racist hate crime. At an event the weekend after the shooting, Cruz showed incredible disrespect by joking about guns and citing an old Texas saying, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

Considering the circumstances of last Wednesday’s massacre, that makes Ted Cruz just about the biggest scumbag running for president. He was forced to abandon the sinking ship of “mental illness,” however, after the ties to Holt were discovered on Sunday.

With such large donations, were these candidates really not aware that a man determined to be a white supremacist and domestic terrorist by the Southern Poverty Law Center was funneling money to their campaigns?

I call shenanigans. Once again the actions of the ignorant prove that while not all Republicans are racists, all racists are Republicans.

Featured image via The New York Times

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