GOP Base Thinks Tom Selleck Is A Real Cop, Gush Over His ‘Speech’ (VIDEO)

They hate the government.  They will not comply.  They love the government.  Those black folks should have complied.

The conservative mindset is a political enigma.  They can’t seem to decide what they’re for or against.  One minute they’re outraged that nobody is saving Bowe Bergdahl, the next minute they’re crucifying the Obama administration for saving Bowe Bergdahl.

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It’s simple to figure out what the GOP base will be ranting about next.  All you need to do is check the liberal sites.

This week’s hatred was aimed at Michelle Obama because she disrespected the Saudis.  Last week’s outrage was that we were showing those Muslim terrorist Saudis any respect at all with a foreign policy visit.

Every once in a while they do something so utterly stupid, so ridiculously…conservative… that one just can’t help but make fun of them for it.

This one is hilarious.

After an appearance on The Talk, Tom Selleck was elevated from actor to real live police-guy on the conservative rag QPolitical.  Their ridiculous headline is completely typical of the right-wing nut job:


Yeah…The quote doesn’t belong to Tom Selleck.  His appearance was to promote his show Blue Bloods.  He didn’t say anything, his character did:

Cops are held to a higher standard, but never forget that they are people too. I’m not asking anyone to cut us slack, not at all. But a little recognition for the conditions under which our men and women operate, that would go a long way.

This is the kind of thing that gets almost 22,000 shares in conservative circles.

Selleck is considered a celebrity Republican, and it’s not inconceivable that he may actually feel this way, but when a publication starts quoting the TV and movie lines of actors and actresses they’ve run the gamut, expended their credibility and begun reaching for stories where there are none.

The scene is compelling.  Selleck is a good actor.  The issue is current and trendy.

That doesn’t make a line in a fictional TV show news, and it certainly doesn’t make any sense to credit the actor instead of the writer.

Some conservatives were so moved they want the mustache to run for President:


I guess they don’t remember what happened last time an actor was elected President.  Oh, that’s right, they refuse to admit he started the trickle-down ball rolling that destroyed the American Dream.

Here’s the clip of Selleck on The Talk:

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