GOP Base Keeps Focus On Bashing The Poor, 1%ers Laugh Their Way To The Bank (IMAGES)

Americans living in poverty have enough to worry about without being constant targets of the GOP and its base. The corporate masters have devised a plan that is unfortunately working:  Keep the voters ignorant to our real issues by blaming those less fortunate.

The poor, the disabled, and the hungry have a target on their backs.  Rather than address the issue with common sense solutions like raising the minimum wage, a jobs bill that isn’t Keystone XL, and affordable education, the GOP has decided that labeling the poor as “lazy” and “incompetent” people who refuse to work because they have it much better on government assistance is a cheaper way out.

It allows more money to be funneled to those who pull their strings. More importantly, it gives their base something to hate, and hate equals votes.

Take for example this meme, posted on Stop Hillary in 2016:


This is exactly the kind of thing the GOP base loves. Poor people aren’t struggling to find jobs, they aren’t desperately trying to reach the middle class or secure a future for their children, they’re driving around getting their nails done and going to strip clubs.

The comments from this despicable page’s fans shows how they’ve been sculpted to believe this insanity, keeping their focus away from runaway defense spending and corporate welfare:



“If you can drive from one food bank to another, you can work!”

This is seriously the mentality these people have.  They’ve been misled by false reports from the Cato Institute to believe poor people are actually earning more than $40,000 a year from the government.

Newsflash, if 45 million people were earning 40K a year from the government our Health and Human Services budget alone would be 180 trillion dollars.

The reality of the situation is that because the GOP is stubborn, stingy and void of any kind of empathy, we still spend exponentially more on tanks, guns and war-planes than we do on people. makes it simple for anyone to see exactly how much money is spent on what with their “Federal Taxpayer Receipt.”  The percentages shown represent one dollar in tax paid:

tax calc


Gee Willikers would you look at that.  SNAP (food stamps) costs a whopping four cents on the dollar of your tax money. TANF (welfare) costs another whole cent. Add the two cents for housing assistance and boy oh boy do those darned poor people take the middle class for a ride.

It seems that military retirement and disability is the most expensive of the Job and Family Security category, I wonder why they don’t complain about that!?

Medicaid, another GOP base issue to whine about, costs 11 cents on the dollar.

Some conservatives like to complain about the earned income credit and the child tax credit, claiming they are more handouts for those lazy poor people. Sorry, dummies, those credits are only available to people who work.

If you consider that the average American pays approximately $5500 a year in federal income taxes, (based on an income between $50k-75K annually), is it really that absurd to ask that in an evolving and supposedly civilized society that $250 of that go to SNAP and TANF to help people in need, most of whom are working at least one minimum wage job, get on their feet and make a better life for themselves and their children?

If there were a program that could effectively end ignorance and hate I’d be more than happy to toss $250 a year at it.

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