Another One Bites The Dust: Lindsey Graham Drops Out Of Ridiculous Republican Primary

For anyone who has been keeping up with the presidential debates over the last few months, the stark difference in tone, demeanor, and ideas between the two parties is pretty hard to miss. While one party seems like they are actually putting on a presidential debate being conducted between three rational, sane adults with almost 100 years of political experience between them, the other paints quite a different picture.

Tune into any Republican debate this primary season and it may seem like you are watching a presidential debate straight out of Bizzaro World, as the GOP’s angry candidates stand up on the main stage trying to out crazy each other on everything from the evils of Planned Parenthood, to the evils of Syrian Refugees, to the evils of Obama, Clinton, and John Kerry.

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Stir into this chaotic mixture a resounding contempt for any Republican candidate who is actually seen as qualified to serve as commander-in-chief by the nihilistic conservative voter base, and you have a volatile crockpot boiling over with crackpots, crazies and charlatans that’s never before been seen on the national stage.

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Probably the strangest part of this whole train wreck called the National Republican Primary is the fact that so many low polling candidates held on for so long. At any given moment you have seven to eight (more than half) of the Republican candidates polling at two percent or less, and yet month after month they return to the debate stage like a bad Rocky sequel or the skin tags in Mitch McConnell’s armpits.

However, the ridiculous 14 candidate Royal Rumble called the Republican ticket just got a little less ridiculous, as everyone’s favorite war monger Lindsey Graham announced he would be suspending his campaign. In a YouTube video released yesterday, Graham stated:

We’ve come to a point now where I just don’t see how we grow the campaign without getting on the main stage.

Graham also went on to say that he ran a problem-solving campaign. Too bad Graham couldn’t solve the problem of his almost nonexistent poll numbers, or how to avoid being the butt of Donald Trumps insults.

With a little more than a month left before the Iowa caucuses, I suspect we will see more low polling candidates drop off like so much dry dung, but if this farce of a Republican Primary season has proven anything, it’s that Republicans are much more concerned with pandering to an angry uninformed base than actually governing to the general populace.

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