‘Go F*cking Cook My Burrito B*tch!’: Roid-Raging Trumpbro Has Successfully Been Identified (VIDEO)

On Saturday, at a Donald Trump rally in Pheonix, Arizona, journalist Eric Rosenwald, captured rare footage of a Neanderthal DTrump supporter screaming and threatening a crowd of Latino anti-Trump protestors.

The tattooed Darwin award winner confronted one protestor with a sketchy boast about having had sexual relations with that person’s entire family:

I f*cked your whole fucking family with my big c*ck.

The roid-rager then moved on to domestic issues, by loudly proclaiming himself to be a “proud f*cking American, made in the USA B*tch!”

The delightful gentleman also shared his love of fine Mexican cuisine with the Latino protesters, specifically insisting that one protestor, “Go f*cking make my burrito, b*tch!”

While expressing his love for another Mexican dish, the Trump supporter also politely requested that the protesters used their carpentry skills on his behalf:

Go f*cking make my tortilla, motherf*ckers. And build that f*cking wall. For me!

Before taking his leave, the young man exchanged more pleasantries with his new friends:

I’ll f*ck, like, at least 10 of you up in one f*cking sitting, you f*cking pussy. You’re lucky all these cops are here.

So just who is this charismatic charmer? Thanks to the fine folks at Smoking Gunwe now know the answer.

Meet Zachary Fisher.


Image via Smoking Gun.

Fisher, 31, lives in Mesa, Arizona, just 20 minutes away from Phoenix. He works as a lab technician, alongside his mom and brother, for a company called Fikes, Brace & Lamb, which is also owned by his stepfather. The company produces prosthetics and orthotics. On Wednesday the company mysteriously removed Fisher’s name from its website. But Smoking Gun managed to capture a shot of the original company page.


Image via Smoking Gun.

When Fisher’s not out threatening brown people and extolling the virtues of his “big” penis, he enjoys working out at LA Fitness, hiking, and spending quality time with his pitbull. He drives a red Ford Mustang SVT Cobra and owns an assortment of firearms. Fisher’s also participated in several MMA matches but no longer competes due to an injury he sustained.

Fisher also put some videos on Instagram featuring him firing his AR-15 assault rifle at some dangerous looking immobile brush.

Fisher’s also very proud of his extensive body art. He has a representation of the Arizona state flag tattooed across his back and the romantic phrase, “never trust a bitch” tattooed on his side.

But his most revealing tattoo is actually one that he hides under his armpit. It’s a black tattoo of the number 43. According to the Anti-Defamation League the number 43 “is used by members of the racist skinhead group Supreme White Alliance.”


Image via YouTube.

Since the incident, Fisher has gone dark on social media but not before posting this articulate Facebook post defending his behavior.


Image via Smoking Gun.

In case you’re wondering, we do not have any information on Fisher’s current marital status, however, don’t get your hopes up because Fisher only has room in his heart for one special orange bloated bigot.

Trump! I love Trump! I love Trump! I love my country!

UPDATE: Thursday, June 23n 2016

Zachary Fisher did a TV interview with a local news station to declare that he is definitely to a racist.

No Zachary, you’re not a racist; just a guy who enjoys saying racist things and adorning fashionable skinhead gang tattoos. Nope nothing to see here folks.

h/t Marcus Aurelius.

Featured image via YouTube.

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