‘Go F*ck Yourself, You Piece of Sh*t’: Republican Candidate GOES NUTS On Reporter (VIDEO)

During a phone interview with Politico Florida reporter Marc Caputo, Florida Republican candidate Dan Bongino lost control and went on a profanity-laced rant, suggesting that the journalist engages in a physically impossible sexual act on several occasions.

Bongino became upset after a Naples Daily News report that stated he raised only six percent of what his primary campaign opponent Tom Rooney managed to raise. Caputo asked the candidate what detail of the report was factually inaccurate, which led to a Twitter war between the two men.

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And while the interview began with a somewhat civil tone, it quickly turned sour as both men accused accusing each other of wrongdoing. Upon reaching his limit, Bongino made a suggestion.

“Marc listen, you can go f*ck yourself,” Bongino declared halfway through.

However, it wasn’t until Caputo accused the candidate of being a carpetbagger who moved down from Maryland to win a political office in Florida, did Bongino (who is a former secret service agent) fly completely off the handle.

“You’re a real disgusting piece of sh*t. You have no idea why I moved to Florida,” he retorted.

Caputo tried to get the conversation back on track, but it was too late.

“Hey, shut the f*ck up!” he bellowed when Caputo tried interjecting. “Go f*ck yourself, you piece of sh*t. You don’t know why I moved to Florida, you motherf*cker! F*cking coward!”

The reporter was clearly delighted by the candidate’s sudden verbal onslaught, as a laughed throughout Bongino’s entire tirade. Oooooh, Dan. You really sound like you need some help,” he condescended.

“F*ck you, f*ck yourself,” he continued. “Wait til I shred your f*cking ass on the radio. Shut the f*ck up.”

It’s nice to know that Republicans haven’t forgotten how to use their words.

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