Gloria Steinem Just Said Something So Sexist You’d Think It Came From Donald Trump (VIDEO)

I’ll start this off with a disclaimer. I’m not female. With this in mind, perhaps I simply can’t understand the “truth” of what Gloria Steinem said. However, I’d be willing to bet that this isn’t actually my fault and she really did insult an entire generation of young, politically active and progressive women.

In an interview with Bill Maher, Gloria Steinem – The Cadillac of Feminist icons – said that young women are supporting Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton because Bernie is “where the boys are.” These are not grade school girls who are unaware of the world. They aren’t even high school girls that might be almost but not quite informed enough. These are voting age adult women who are completely smart and capable of making their own decisions about whatever the hell they want. However, somehow that isn’t enough of a reason for Steinem to respect their decision, or to try to understand why they made it the way they did.

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Instead, she chose to dismissively explain it away by saying very directly that they are incapable of making their own decisions and flock to men to make their decisions for them like we are living in some dystopic 50’s sitcom.

Surely we all know the MASSIVE problems young women have in attracting the attention of young men. Clearly they desperately need to pander to Bernie in order to get boyfriends.

Yes, that was sarcastic if you were wondering. Let’s expand some comments on what Steinem implied:

Young women are too uninformed, incapable, or generally too mentally underdeveloped to be able to make informed decisions after listening to all the data, arguments and opinions from political candidates. Therefore, the only reason that young women are supporting Bernie Sanders by a sizeable margin over Hillary Clinton, is because young adult women are simply a disaster, and NEED men to make their decisions for them.

Alternatively, the other possibility is that all young women do is think with their genitals, and they will do anything they have to in order to win the approval of males in their age bracket to obtain sex.

Saying that young adult women are not capable of making informed choices in how they run their lives, so they require an existing establishment to simply dictate their lives to them, sounds remarkably like what Steinem rose to fame fighting. She herself was once a young woman who had bold ideas and opinions. Was she also clinging to these so she could be “where the boys were?”

Young women perhaps have realized something important. It isn’t enough of a reason to vote for someone simply because they are a woman. Michele Bachmann was the perfect example of that. When will people like Steinem support a woman’s right to have a different opinion from hers without dismissing them as some naive or over sexed ignorant individual that needs to somehow “grow out” of their stupidity?

Watch the intensely sexist comment she makes in a segment of the Bill Maher interview below:

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