Glenn Beck Thinks Mitt Romney Should Be Back-Up Candidate In Case Trump Implodes (VIDEO)

One of our favorite wackos is back with a grand idea for the Republican party. Glenn Beck thinks that Mitt Romney ought to jump into the presidential race. You know… just in case. Personally, I think that’s a terrific idea. Go ahead and split the GOP vote, ensure that Hillary Clinton becomes Madame President.

On his radio show on Tuesday, Beck put forward the idea, even though he acknowledges his ambivalence towards Romney personally (which is returned, in spades):

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Romney should be drafted at this point and put his name in on Friday just in case this guy [Trump] implodes and is 20 points behind. We have to have some place else to go.

But Glenn, we do have someplace else to go: Hillary Clinton. Just because your guys chose a self-centered, narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, overbearing dictator with delusions of godhood is no reason to try to find a “savior candidate.” Oh, wait… maybe it is. Okay, then. Knock yer socks off.

Maybe Beck could talk Romney into this hare-brained scheme as a write-in candidate and he could technically win. But only 43 of the states allow this — 34 require paperwork in advance — and then he’d have to deal with the Electoral College. It’s a complicated mess that is not addressed in the Constitution, so it could conceivably create a Constitutional crisis. Super.

Beck does have company, however. From the looks of it, they have no idea what writing Romney’s name on a presidential ballot requires or implies. To be fair, most Americans don’t have much of an idea how elections actually work so the creators of that Facebook page are average on this count.

Beck is floating this idea of drafting Mitt Romney as the GOP’s “back-up” candidate as Donald Trump (and the rest of the GOP) sees his poll numbers tanking. According to, Clinton is showing a lead of between 9 and 15 points, depending on the poll. The current odds on a Trump win hover at 26 percent; if the election were held today, Clinton would win by percentage of 7.9 overall.

These numbers, coupled with Trump’s apparent inability to stop sticking his tiny foot in his big mouth, have Republicans and conservatives in a tizzy. Yes, even Glenn Beck is ready to pull the lever for Mitt Romney if only Romney would consent to throw his hat in that ring. Or anyone, really.

I really think that we have to draft somebody. I know he [Romney] hates my guts, but I think we should reach out to Mitt Romney … or maybe I should reach out to Ted [Cruz]… just put your name on the ballot in case we start to have [Trump falling] 20 points behind.

You do that, Glenn. Reach out to Ted. He’d have worse numbers than Trump. Nobody wants a sleazy ultra-conservative as their candidate. The Republicans had a chance to pick him and didn’t. Too bad, so sad.

The GOP is running scared. But they built this (to use their 2012 motto) and they will have to live with the consequences. We are seeing more and more of them saying that they will not vote for Donald Trump in November. Senator Susan Collins of Maine is the latest to proclaim that she won’t vote Trump. Fifty Republican security experts signed a letter calling Trump unfit to be President, citing his ignorance on the subjects a President absolutely must know about. The man is a total mess and his handlers cannot rein him in.

Would Mitt Romney have a chance to win the election if he were a write-in candidate? Sure. And gnus could graze on the White House lawn. Which is to say; it’s possible but very, very unlikely. Sorry, Glenn. You and the rest of the GOP are stuck with your creation, the Trumpster.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch:

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