Glenn Beck Is Not Well, Deals With Failing Media Empire By Rubbing Cheetos On His Face (VIDEO)

You know a media personality and media mogul is in trouble when they start doing strange things to stay relevant. And what The Blaze’s Glenn Beck just did may just take the cake in what can only be seen as desperation more than humor.

As some may not know, Beck’s media empire is slowly crumbling. Sad, I know. I’ll wait for you to weep a moment…

It also looks as though he’s not blaming himself, but rather the people that work for him, saying “These people were my friends, they were my partners… They didn’t love the audience like I did.” OR no one wants to listen to your bullsh*t schtick anymore, but you know, shifting blame away from yourself works too.

Now, in what Beck thinks is humor, but actually looks pretty desperate, he’s taken to dipping his face in a bowl of Cheetos and saying that he’s pretending to be Donald Trump. After all, Beck is a Ted Cruz supporter, and Cruz is a big fan of desperate moves as well.

But do you get it? He dipped his face in orange Cheetos because Trump’s face is orange. Oh, you cheeky bastard you. Well, it was funny when other people did it, like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but Beck just looks like he caught some form of communicable disease that he needs to get treated ASAP.

One of the biggest problems with all of this is the fact Beck is pretty damn orange on his own.

When one has to resort to stunts like this to garner attention, on top of blaming everyone else for one’s own failures, you know they have likely lost the last remaining bit of their already small mind. It would be sad if it weren’t so damn funny. Not his bit, but his bigoted ways failing to grab attention on their own anymore.

Watch the entire bizarre event happen here via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via video screen capture

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