Glenn Beck: God Will Send People Who Vote For The ‘Sociopath’ Donald Trump Straight To Hell (VIDEO)

Mentally unstable conservative radio talk show host, Glenn Beck is one of many Republicans who swears he’ll never support the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

During the primaries, Beck endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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The talk show host landed himself in hot water with evangelicals in March when he said:

Real Christians” don’t support Donald Trump and “all throughout the south the Evangelicals are not listening to their God.”

Beck had to walk back his comments just 24 hours later.

I’d like to apologize for any of the comments that I’ve made that offended anyone’s religious sensibilities or implied that I thought you weren’t good Christians,” Beck wrote in the article that appears to be an edited version from the transcript of his lengthy monologue on his radio program Friday.

“If that’s what I had said, but that’s not what I said,” he added as a qualifier to his apology.

In the article, Beck also wrote, “I happen to believe that Ted Cruz actually was anointed for this time.”

Throughout the campaign, Trump hasn’t shown Beck a lot of love either, having scorched the talk show host on multiple occasions. On one such occasion, he called Beck a “loser” and a “sad sack.”

But the most memorable moment of the Trump/Beck feud came when in February, Trump showed up at a Ted Cruz rally while Glenn Beck was on stage stumping for his candidate. It was one of the most remarkable moments of the campaign as Trump literally trumped Cruz’s faithful servant in grand fashion.

Fast forward to Tuesday, Ted Cruz makes his last stand in Indiana and Trump destroys the senator by almost 20 points forcing him to suspend his campaign and declare a “conservative revolution” (whatever that means).

Beck is beside himself with grief. Stating that Trump’s nomination makes the Republicans a party of liars and racists who will never elect another person to the Oval Office.

But Beck wasn’t done. On Friday Beck once again went after Trump’s evangelical supporters, this time upping the ante. Beck said:

We’re going to die and meet our Maker and He’s going to say, ‘Let me see the evidence on you.’ Because we were born at this time, in this country because everyone of us is warriors. We don’t think of ourselves as this but we are. And too many of us gave up. Too many of us, we had it within our grasp and we gave up and gave in to anger. And, you just ask yourself. I have to present my case to the Lord. Your signature is on a piece of paper with a guy who’s not only a liar, he is serial philanderer, I believe. Look up narcissist sociopath… The same damn thing everyone says before they elect a madman.

And so the Republican Civil War rages on, as more conservatives join the #NeverTrump movement or fall in line behind the billionaire nominee.

Republicans like Beck will likely be scratching their heads for years struggling to understand how Trump’s right-wing mutants “hijacked” their once “virtuous” party.

They will never understand how generations of using the “Southern Strategy” to disenfranchise minorities, blaming Mexicans and other immigrants for the problems of poor and middle-class whites, or creating laws to dictate their morality to women and LGBT people, helped them arrive where they find themselves today.

People like Beck believe Donald Trump came out of some bizarre vacuum within their party, when the truth is that he was there all along, being built one sexist or racist statement and one discriminatory law at a time.

Well, you can’t fix stupid nor reason with crazy, meaning both sides are officially screwed.

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