Glaringly Racist Meme Goes Viral: Conservative Dimwits Claim ‘It’s Not Racist’ (IMAGES)

Racism isn’t very difficult to spot.  If you feel the need to point out a person’s color while criticizing them, that’s called racist.

A meme has been circulating among the densely populated Facebook groups and pages of conservative dimwits since October.

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To date it has over 388,000 shares.  Originally posted on The Revolution, a right-wing hate-fest frequented by ignorant imbeciles, the meme depicts a skunk, declaring it to be the new Presidential symbol:

skunk meme

This could quite possibly be the most obvious example of racism by conservatives on Facebook.  Of course, if you ask a conservative they will wholeheartedly disagree.

The post has over 1800 comments, most of which are by two or three boneheads who love to seize these opportunities to post Barry Soetoro memes and claim that the President has tanked the economy and raided the debt by 800 gazillion dollars.
The rest of the posts are either from liberals who have expressed just how despicable the meme is and conservatives, defending it as “truth” and not at all racist.

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Seriously?  Making a racist statement and asking how it’s racist.  Racist is of course synonymous with “stupid.”


Eloquently?  I don’t think you understand the words you use sometimes.


“Your a idiot.”  M’kay.   People in glass houses much?


Thank you for clarifying.  You mean the Presidential seal isn’t REALLY changing? Yes it’s true, liberals.  If you find this racist it is in fact YOU who is the hater.

And for good measure here’s one of the multi-posters who can’t seem to reconcile a long-form birth certificate and a 53 year-old birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper with the fantasy world he lives in.


There may be some hope as at least one conservative fan of the page showed his displeasure.


Could it be that these people don’t realize just how dumb they are or are they in such denial that the blatantly obvious eludes them?  How could so many people have shared this filth and not found it incredibly offensive?

The answer is simple.  Racists see racist jokes as typical humor, because it’s embedded in their blackened souls.

Images: Screengrabs from Facebook

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