Giuliani Just Doesn’t Get It, Says Obama Should Be More Like ‘Bill Cosby’

Former NYC Mayor and current media wh*re de jour, Rudy Giuliani, has been facing a firestorm of criticism over his comments regarding President Obama “not loving America.” Apparently, the former mayor loved America so much that he put the communication center in the twin towers, despite them being a constant terror target. He also happened to be tied to one of the most corrupt police chiefs, who used a September 11th apartment originally meant for rescue workers in which to have an extramarital affair. I’m referring, of course, to Bernard Kerik.

But since Giuliani simply can’t help himself, or perhaps he’s so busy getting himself in the news cycles that he hasn’t paid attention to other news, the former mayor said that President Obama should be more like Bill Cosby.

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“I hate to mention it because of what happened afterwards, but (he should be saying) the kinds of stuff Bill Cosby used to say,” said Giuliani. (NY Daily News)

 Maybe he’s just confusing his black guys, but making a Cosby comparison, at this moment in time, isn’t the best analogy. In fact, Giuliani is banned from making analogies for the rest of the year.

Giuliani was speaking to Cosby’s blunt words of wisdom for African-Americans. Moreover, how Bill Cosby said  African-Americans needed to focus more on education, be better parents and avoid lives of crime. Giuliani, of course, lost any credibility he had left when he accused Obama of “hating America.” But he appears to be digging a hole big enough to fit Chris Christie in by blaming the president for some recent crimes committed by African-Americans, including the pointless shooting of two Ferguson police officers and a nasty fight at a McDonald’s in Brooklyn.

Obama is also not addressing the enormous amount of crime that’s being committed by African-Americans due to ‘historical’ reasons, Giuliani said. (NY Daily News)

Oddly enough, after lecturing Obama and saying that he should be more like the guy who played America’s favorite dad, Giuliani than called President Obama a great family man.

“I disagree with Barack Obama on almost everything, but I think he’s a good family man and a good man,” said Giuliani. (NY Daily News)

Just call for Obama’s birth certificate and call it day, Rudy. We’ll respect you so much more if you did.

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