Giuliani ACCIDENTALLY Calls Trump’s Kids LOSERS Who Can’t Be Successful Without Daddy’s Company

On Sunday, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani made a stunning gaffe while trying to argue against Trump setting up a blind trust for his company.

During a CNN, interview with Jack Tapper, the former mayor was asked about Trump’s reluctance to set up a blind trust which did not involve his children running his company.

Giuliani’s excuse was jaw dropping.

“I think he’s in a very unusual situation,” Mr. Giuliani said on CNN’s State of the Union. “He would basically put his children out of work,” he added, “and they’d have to go start a whole new business, and that would set up new problems.”

Tapper argued that Trump’s failure to set up a truly independent blind trust could result in questions about his policy decisions and how they could indirectly profit him via his company.

Giuliani continued to argue that Trump’s not legally obligated to set up a blind trust and once again reiterated that such a decision would disenfranchise his kids.

Kenneth A. Gross is an attorney who advises corporations and members of Congress on issues related to ethics. He said it was critical for President-elect Trump “to separate his vast business interests from his official decision making.”

“If not, it is going to be a constant thorn in his side,” Mr. Gross added. “It might even be unfair criticism he will get, as he might be acting in the public interest and still be accused of promoting his business interests because he has not separated them as much as possible.”

Meanwhile, Richard W. Painter, a former White House ethics officers for the George W. Bush administration labeled Trump’s situation problematic if he decided to allow his children to run the trust.

“It is extremely inappropriate,” said Mr. Painter, who has been a critic of Mr. Trump’s candidacy. “In the past 200 years, we have never had a president with such egregious conflicts of interest, with family business holdings.”

Giuliani also said that the American people should just take Trump at his word when he promises not to be involved with his former company after his children take over.

“You have to have some confidence in the integrity of the president,” Mr. Giuliani said. “The man is an enormously wealthy man. I don’t think there’s any real fear or suspicion that he’s seeking to enrich himself by being president. If he wanted to enrich himself, he wouldn’t have run for president.”

Of course! Trump’s already rich, so it wouldn’t make sense for him to make decisions that would further enrich his company while president.

And it’s not like Trump has a reputation for being a greedy, self-absorbed, untrustworthy, con artist with a tendency to bend or break every rule he can legally work around.

So under Giuliani’s logic, if Trump decided to remove any hint of impropriety and corruption involving his company and his position as president, that would mean that his adult, ivy league educated children would have to fend for themselves in the big bad world.

And we just can’t have that now, can we?

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