Gingrich Gets Punched In Face By Karma; Begins Coughing After Mentioning Hillary’s Cough (AUDIO)

Conservatives always have something to say, and more often than not lately, that something ends up being absurd. But every now and then, karma intervenes and gives the ultimate smack down. Such was the case on Tuesday when former House Speaker Newt Gingrich started running his mouth about the great Clinton cough conspiracy and then immediately suffered a coughing fit of his own.

Republicans have convinced themselves that Hillary Clinton is suffering from some horrible unknown disease. Exactly how they manage to connect concussions and coughing remains unknown, but they are absolutely sure that she isn’t healthy enough to be president.

During an interview with Sean Hannity on his show, the two spent a fair amount of time discussing Clinton’s health and her recent “coughing attack” during a Labor Day rally in Ohio. Gingrich told Hannity that Hillary’s coughs are “deeper” and “last much longer” than her husband’s. Obviously, this is a red flag that she could drop dead any minute from TB or something. (Insert eye roll here.)

“It lasted for four minutes and 20 seconds this weekend. I think we need to know if she’s healthy,” Hannity said, before turning his attention to the older conspiracy theory surrounding the concussion she suffered a few years back.

Then a few minutes later, while Gingrich was touting Trump’s visit to Mexico, it happened. Gingrich got choked out by karma and began coughing uncontrollably.

“Now you sound like Hillary,” Hannity joked. “By the way, yours didn’t last four minutes and 20 seconds, thank God,” he added. After all, if he had continued coughing even just a few more seconds, he might have made the both of them look like total jackasses.

“No, I’m in good shape,” Gingrich replied. “At least I’m in better shape than Hillary,” he proudly proclaimed.

 “A three-second cough does not equate to a four-minute-and-20-second cough,” Hannity exclaimed.
“That’s true,” said Gingrich, before offering a reason for his coughing that made him look like even more of a moron. The former House Speaker explained that when he is traveling a lot for speaking gigs his “throat dries out.”
“It does,” Hannity agreed. “You have to keep hydrated big time.”
But you know, Hillary Clinton couldn’t have coughed for this very same reason. It isn’t like she has been flying across the country for months speaking to huge crowds multiple times a day or anything. Oh, wait.
Watch Newt Gingrich get choked up by karma, here:
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