Geraldo To Trolls: ‘I’m Turning Your Posts Over To Fox News And Facebook Authorities’

Gasp! Not the Facebook police!

I hate to take Geraldo’s side on anything, but the remarks he made on a Facebook post Nov. 20 were right on if you agree with Obama’s decision on immigration reform.

Rivera made the poignant statement that white America were all immigrants to this land once, but the conservatives were not hearing it.

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Here is his post in case you missed it:

immigration reform

November 20, 2014. Facebook

This “sensible” post launched a massive trolling outburst by conservatives experiencing cognitive dissonance that a fellow conservative would disagree with their racist belief that illegal immigrants are all terrible people and should be shipped back to their own countries despite the logistical and inhumane nightmare that presents.

Geraldo then went on to call out the trolls in this Facebook message today:

immigration reform

November 24, 2014. Facebook

While I agree that comments on his page were racist and hateful, I’m utterly confused as to who the “Fox News” and Facebook authorities are. Does Fox have a security force now? Does Facebook do anything other than dole out time-outs?

The aforementioned post was up to over 1,600 comments, but here are a few gems he might be talking about.

This conservative has the perfect solution for our pesky immigration problem:

Geraldo Comment 1

That’s right, because America hasn’t committed a mass genocide in years!

Geraldo Comment 2

Now, a person who uses logic to tackle an issue like immigration is a “racist.” Conservatives can’t get enough of that one; they will use “racist” anytime anyone sides with a group of minorities.

Geraldo Comment 5

Because anyone with an opinion different from a Conservative’s is a “treasonist.”

Geraldo Comment 3

Fear the Home Depot immigrants, Geraldo!

Geraldo Comment 4

Call me crazy, Lou, but by requiring them to pay their fair share of taxes (what Obama said they had to do in his speech) would actually help solve the problem you’re talking about. Someone should let some air in this guy’s tank.

Geraldo Comment 6

Uh, *You’re. What is with conservatives not knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re?” Learn it, people! Robin might want to review Obama’s speech from last Thursday, because the very concerns Robin has here were addressed and solved by the President.

Sigh. . . While I welcome free speech, I can see where Geraldo feels exasperated with his own team, but really what did he expect from the “Fox News” sheep?

H/T: Mediaite Photo: Facebook

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