George Takei SHREDS Trump: His Motto Will Be ‘America – Disgraced Again’ (VIDEO)

George Takei was five years old when the police came and arrested his family for being Japanese. The internment camps would lose his family everything they had before the war,  like many other people whose families were shoved into camps — including Germans, Japanese, and Italians simply for their race. Takei has now said, “Donald Trump is the perfect example of that failure” of leadership that lead to the national shame that is the internment camps.

What Donald Trump is talking about is something that will make his logo: ‘America: Disgraced Again!’

Takei’s very open contempt for Donald Trump’s complete lack of presidential ability, and disgusting, truly fascist campaign rhetoric is completely deserving and he is speaking out in no uncertain terms. Failure of our leadership, racial hysteria; and war hysteria, were found to be the causes of American internment camps.

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The leadership failures that Takei is referring to, Trump is now attempting to “spin” to make himself look like FDR instead of Hitler; though he has stated that the comparisons to Hitler don’t bother him either.

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Watch Geoge Takei destroy Donald Trump:

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