George Takei Reminds Us Why We MUST Vote Against Hate This November (VIDEO)

This past Wednesday, George Takei released a video via his Facebook page urging his fellow Bernie supporters to back Hillary if she is nominated. He reminded his fans of Bernie’s own statement saying that if Hillary won the election, she would be “an infinitely better candidate and president than the Republican candidate on his best day.”

Takei continues his plea on Friday when he joined MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. He stresses to viewers to “look at the larger picture” because we “DON’T want Donald Trump to be President!!”

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George Takei is right, and he is also right when he says that we “don’t want a fear monger who wants to build walls along our Southern border, ban Muslims, all the things that we don’t want our country to be.”

And George Takei knows all about walls because he grew up in an American concentration camp during WWII after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He compares that time of “war hysteria” to the fear and hate of today, with Donald Trump as the loudest instigator.

If Democrats can’t get behind their own party and vote for whoever the nominee may be, we don’t stand a chance at beating Donald Trump. Do we really want a President who has no problem voicing his hatred for his own citizens? Think about it, because like Takei says,

Elections have consequences.

Watch the full interview on MSNBC via Media Matters below:

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