George Takei Drops A Truth Bomb: Gives Perfect Response To Kim Davis Circus Of Bigotry (IMAGE)

George Takei, known to millions as the Uncle of Facebook and a prominent voice for equality, has finally weighed in on the Kim Davis Cavalcade of Christian Bigotry. On his official Facebook, Takei gave a blistering takedown of this right-wing feeding frenzy and media circus.

Takei's Take

Takei’s Take. Photo: Courtesy of Facebook Screen Capture.


George really hit the mark on this one. The accolades, praise, and symbolism being placed on this woman are completely inappropriate. She swore to uphold the duties of her office, as well as the U.S. Constitution, and that precludes any personal religious opinions she may have. Government does not establish a religion. Period. This is iron-clad in the U.S. Constitution. Somehow, inexplicably, the same people that insist the Constitution cannot be questioned when it comes to guns, say that when it comes to religion, you can interpret it in any way that fits your personal preference.

Comparing her denial of same sex partners a license, is entirely appropriate to compare to interracial partners as well. It is also not “race bating.”

When it comes to racism, the KKK is ubiquitous in it throughout American history. The KKK also heavily portrayed itself as a “Christian” organization as well. They used religion as a justification for every violent act they perpetrated against others. Some of their main meeting areas were local churches as well. Historically speaking, religion has been used in America since it was founded to justify greed, bigotry, sexism, and all other forms of hatred. Even other mainstream religions today, such as Catholics, were on the bad end of this for a long time.

Davis’s best bet to be her defender in this, Fox News, has even come out against her because of how intensely wrong she is. When Fox News completely abandons you, there are serious issues with your lunacy.

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