George Clooney’s Neighbor Hosts Rival Bernie Fundraiser Right Next To Actor’s Expensive Hillary One

The 2016 Democratic  Primary, once an affable and mostly professional contest for the highest office in the land, has recently fallen into a very bitter and contentious battle. Bernie and Hillary are both qualified candidates, unlike the orange clown and the religious lizard on the GOP side, but they have really been going at it.

Hillary’s close ties to Wall Street, as well as the heaps of money she’s received by giving speeches to some of the very people that crashed the economy, has taken Democrats to a whole new level of infighting. Moreover, things got even hotter after Bernie Sanders’ tax returns showed he earned less a year than Hillary made in just one of her speeches.

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Making matters worse, Hillary and her power brokers decided to charge a sickening $335,000 per person to sit with George Clooney at his $33,4000 per person private fundraiser. That angered many on the left and only further burnished the image of her as being out-of-touch.

But George Clooney’s next door neighbor is planning to hold his own fundraiser — to benefit Bernie Sanders — at the very same time as Clooney’s insanely overpriced soiree Saturday night with Hillary Clinton. Howard Gold, whose family founded the 99 Cents Only store chain, is calling his bash the “99% Party” with tickets selling for $27 per person.


The invite, which was blasted to Bernie supporters, includes the following message :

Swimming pools, Movie Stars, and merriment for all! This is happening right next door to Clooney’s party for Hillary! No-one [will be] turned away for a lack of funds.

Now things are getting real interesting. Let the dueling partying begin!

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