Genius Buys Openly Anti-Gay Pizza Joint’s Domain Name, Decorates With Rainbows And Stuff (SCREENSHOTS)

It’s been a rough day for Memories Pizza, an Indiana pizza joint with the dubious distinction of being the first business to openly announce it discriminates against the LGBT community under Indiana’s new “Right to Shroud Your Bigotry In Religion” legislation.

Crystal O’Connor, whose family owns the small-town pizzeria, proudly displays her hatred. “If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no,” she said Monday.

But, of course, O’Connor claims that they in no way discriminate. “We are a Christian establishment,” she explained. “We’re not discriminating against anyone, that’s just our belief and anyone has the right to believe in anything.”

Crystal’s father, Kevin, insists that he (as a Christian) is being persecuted because of his disagreement with someone’s lifestyle “choice”:

“That lifestyle is something they choose. I choose to be heterosexual. They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?”

While a small part of our nation will praise these proud and loving Christians for their willingness to openly hate a large segment of the population stand up for their Christian values, the rest of us are baffled at the stupidity displayed by these pathetically hateful individuals.

Swiftly, The Internet took to the company’s Facebook and Yelp pages to leave a series of scathing and, in many cases, hilarious, reviews.

“Being gay is not a choice, however, being a disgusting bigot certainly is,” one reviewer wrote on Yelp. “Shame on this establishment! I hope it goes out of business.”

“Whenever I’m in this hick town and I want to cram 12 inches of sausage or beef down my throat, I go to Memories Pizza,” another wrote.

But one genius outdid everyone when he or she apparently bought up the Memories Pizza domain name. Some will undoubtedly claim it was hacked, but does not appear to have existed until April Fools Day. A WHOIS lookup reveals that the web site was created on April 1, 2015, and is registered through GoDaddy.

This amazing web site for the disgraced pizza place advertises that it is the “Home of the dick pizza!” — something that the owners of Memories may find hard to swallow.

The DICK-ZA is purportedly loaded with quite a mouthful of “over 48” of hearty meat”:

The web site displays a photo of Crystal O’Connor, and attributes the quote, “I love the gays,” to the woman who first announced that they proudly discriminate. Pizza toppings are limited but, as “repressed sexual urges” are an option, this pizza should be popular with Catholic clergy, the Tea Party, and quite probably Governor Pence himself.

Are there hot guys making out? You bet your sweet ass there are!

On its Facebook page, Memories displays a photo of the restaurant with every single seat empty.

This is your future, O’Connors. Get used to it.


Featured Image via Memories Pizza

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