WATCH: Retired General DEMOLISHES Trump’s 16th Century Approach To Stealing Oil

Many people are having a hard time wrapping their heads around this notion set forth by Donald Trump, during the Commander-In-Chief Forum, that we should’ve stolen oil from Iraq because “to the victor go the spoils.” Anderson Cooper is one of them, which is why he invited a military panel to discuss Trump’s “plan.”

“I cannot wrap my mind around the concept. Just from a military standpoint, all I see is you’re taking the oil of a sovereign nation, which is our ally, under this antiquated notion of    to the victor go the spoils. They’re supposedly our ally. Wouldn’t that turn everybody else against the United States if we are stealing Iraq’s oil?”

Yes, yes it would. And unfortunately for Trump, no one seems to be buying into this idea. In response to Anderson, Ret. Col. Cedric Leighton stated that Trump sounded more like a Chinese military leader and Ret. Lt General Mark Hertling noted that this isn’t how our military runs:

“It implies that the U.S. military that’s there is a mercenary force. It is not the American way of war to go and occupy land, steal its resources, rape its women and do the kind of things that Mr. Trump is saying.”

Hertling was spot on when he referred to it as a “simplistic approach that is appealing to a certain percentage of Americans.” I’m not sure if  Trump actually thinks  surrounding companies like Chevron with ground troops in Iraq while they steal oil is a good plan, or if he just says it because he knows his supporters are dumb enough to support it.  I’m not surprised either way. None of what Trump tries to pass off as plans have any real substance or details, yet his supporters are just eating it up. Sorry, but stealing from our allies is not what our great nation is about and it’s a sure-fire way to make even more enemies.

Watch full clip below:

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