‘Gay Nerd’ Steals Anti-LGBT Idaho Lawmaker’s Campaign Web Site, Asking For Suggestions (SCREENSHOTS)

Paul Shepherd, an Idaho State Representative who wants to impeach any federal judges who rule in favor of same-sex marriage, is probably feeling a bit like Ted Cruz at the moment. One lucky person bought up Shepherd’s domain name and converted it to a safe place — one that acts as a resource center for LGBT individuals.

This man, this hero, who snagged up the domain name is self-described “gay nerd” Dylan Hailey, a 21-year-old college student — and he’s looking for help with redecorating the place.

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“I now own his website,” Hailey posted on Reddit in response to an article regarding Shepherd’s desire to remove federal judges who do not agree with his hateful ideology. “Any ideas of what should be posted on it? Haven’t had much time to add anything.”

As of now, the site is rather bland.

“His staff forgot to renew the domain this week, so we’ve done so to make this site more useful,” the new owner of the site explained. “We started this due to Paul Shepherd and 43 other republicans in Idaho failing to keep their oath to uphold the constitution by trying to get rid of the judiciary simply because they disagree with it on a personal basis. Only 11 republicans and 14 democrats voted against the non-binding measure and 44 republicans voted for it, thus allowing it to pass. The measure they passed was HJM4.”

How do we know this is Shepherd’s former site? Hailey provided a link to the disgraceful politician’s long-dormant Twitter account, which verifies ownership of the domain.

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The ideas kept rolling in. Some suggested rainbowing up the place, while others felt it would be a good place to put up ads, make money, and donate said income to LGBT causes. One person suggested that the site be a resource for gay couples to post their wedding photos.

Why the focus on Shepherd? “I read about him on Reddit last week when he pushed that resolution urging Congress to impeach judges that don’t agree with his policies and then wanted to look more into him,” Hailey told Motherboard.

“When I went to his campaign site I realized he had not renewed it, so I called up my registrar and got it first. He likely bought it for an extended period of time and forgot to renew it or the staffer in charge of it forgot or quit,” he said.

Hailey does not plan to stop with simply usurping control of Shepherd’s web site, however. He explained his intent:

We are working on designing one big site that will be a resource for everyone to look up their local or national elected officials, have their contact information, their stance on policies related to equality and privacy, controversial bills they’ve sponsored, etc.

Hailey is  fully willing to give Shepherd his site back — but it’s going to cost him, if he wants it. “I would love to see him make a donation to an LGBT rights group. If he did that I’d gladly give him his domain back right away,” Hailey said. “If he refuses but wants to buy it back anyway then all the proceeds would go to an LGBT group, likely a local one in his area.”

This activist says he will be watching for other anti-LGBT politicians’ domain registrations to lapse, as well, but concedes that he may not snag many more. “I wish I could get the presidential candidates, (but) I checked them all out, (and) it won’t happen,” Hailey said on Reddit. “They have much better staff and control over their online presence.”

What should he do with the site? E-mail your suggestions to [email protected] — and feel free to post them here. We’d love to read them!

Featured Image via Paul Shepherd’s Former Web Site

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