Gas Prices Have Declined For A Record-Smashing 88 Days — Thanks, Obama!

Conservatives love to claim, despite the fact that the President has very little impact on gas prices, that President Obama has been driving gas prices up while President Bush kept them low. In 2012, the misinformation mountain known as Breitbart said:

So why did gas prices fall under Bush, once they had spiked, whereas they are rising under Obama with no sign of abating?

That’s simple: Bush wanted to lower them, and Obama doesn’t. Bush knew that Americans needed oil at an affordable price in order to live the good lives they’d grown accustomed to living. Obama, on the other hand, thinks he knows best (as all true ideologues do). Therefore, he wants us to trade our reliance on fossil fuels for solar panels and wind farms, come hell, high water, or $10 a gallon gasoline.

This ridiculous assertion has been repeated –ad nauseum — throughout conservative media over the years. However, as Business Insider notes:

The general rule, according to the EIA, is that about two-thirds of your cost of gas at the pump is determined by crude oil cost.

The rest is a combination of taxes, refining, distribution and marketing.

Gas prices are on a steady decline under President Obama — and while no right-minded individual would credit him any more than they would praise Bush for “keeping them low,” why not have some fun with it?

This message is for conservatives:

President Obama is keeping gas prices low. Where is your God now?

Now, for everyone else:

Gas prices have been falling steadily for 88 days, beating the 86-day streak during the Bush-driven recession that greatly damaged our nation.  Wonkblog reports:

Nationally averaged gas prices slumped a little lower yet again today. They are now $ 2.39 for a gallon of regular gasoline, according to AAA. That number may not, in itself, seem so striking. But another data point  is: the nationally averaged gas price has now declined for 88 straight days, since September 25, says AAA.

AAA has not seen a longer streak of declining gas prices since the group started tracking prices on January 1 of the year 2000, says spokesman Michael Green.

The second longest streak — until very recently, the longest ever — occurred during the Great Recession, when gas prices slumped for 86 days straight. The principal difference between the two streaks is that prices fell much further last time around: by $ 2.20 per gallon, says Green, as opposed to just 95 cents per gallon this year.

AAA expects that the trend will continue in coming weeks. “It wouldn’t be surprising to see 10 to 15 cents less per gallon by New Years,” Green said.


If Bush was spectacular because he allegedly kept gas prices low, conservatives, do you now consider President Obama your new god because he presided over a historic drop in costs at the pump?

Probably not. After all, he is black — and you’re perfectly willing to ignore that gas prices rose to a frightening $4.21 a gallon at one point under the war criminal who preceded the current President.

Once again, a potato could be President, and it would have little to no impact on gasoline prices — but if Bush was awesome because he “kept prices low,” should not the same logic be applied to President Obama for his “role” in steadily lowering the price tag?

The answer from the Right, of course, will be fairly reminiscent of the sound crickets make.

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