Gary Johnson Turns Libertarian Town Hall Into Another ‘Aleppo Moment’ (VIDEO)

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson keeps trying to convince Americans who are feeling dissatisfied with the two major party presidential nominees that he is a viable option. However, sane people who know what is at stake in this election with the nation facing the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency already know that the idea that Johnson can win is, at this point, completely delusional. The only thing it does is take votes from Hillary Clinton, who is the only qualified major party candidate. However, there is another reason other than the fact that he has no chance to win that is even more important: Johnson is just as ignorant about world affairs as Donald Trump is.

We all remember when Johnson made the ultimate gaffe on MSNBC’s Morning Joe when he didn’t know what Aleppo, the epicenter of the Syrian Civil War and refugee crisis, was just a few weeks ago. Well, it happened again, during a special Town Hall edition of Hardball that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews held especially for the publicity-seeking Libertarian ticket on Wednesday evening at the University of New Hampshire with the all-important young millenial crowd. Toward the end of the town hall, Matthews asked Johnson who his favorite foreign leader is. That is when Johnson looked blankly at Matthews and stammered for a moment as Matthews kept prompting him to give an answer, to be able to name any leader in the world. Johnson couldn’t do it, only saying that he liked the “former president of Mexico.” When Matthews asked which one, Johnson answered thusly:

“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment on the former president of Mexico.”

That’s when Johnson’s running mate, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, stepped in to save Johnson, and offered up the name of popular former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

Here is video of that stunning moment, via MSNBC’s Twitter:

While he might be more mentally stable than Donald Trump, Gary Johnson has proven repeatedly that he is in no way prepared for national level office. Being governor of New Mexico for two terms did not prepare him for this job, and he keeps on proving that anything beyond being socially liberal and pushing for legal weed, he’s just not viable. So, in other words, he’d be incompetent in the Oval Office as well.

VOTE BLUE. Johnson a) can’t win and b) has clearly disqualified himself, and the stakes are far too high in this election for a protest vote.

Featured image via video screen capture

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