Gary Johnson Makes Reporter (And Us) Visibly Uncomfortable During Cringeworthy Interview (VIDEO)

Faced with two candidates that have very high unfavorable ratings, some people may feel tempted to cast their vote for a third party option. Unfortunately, not only is a third party vote – particularly in this election – more likely to directly contribute to a Donald Trump victory, the options are, let’s face it, terrible.

The Green Party’s Jill Stein is currently polling below a meme based around Harambe the dead gorilla. The more popular choice, libertarian Gary Johnson, is somehow worse. Signs that all was not well with Johnson started circulating after a stunning interview he gave to MSNBC’s Morning Joe in which he asked “What’s Aleppo?” Then he recovered from that gaffe by expressing relief that nobody was hurt in the Chelsea bombings – in which 29 people were, in fact, injured. Then days after that a baffling remark on climate change Johnson once gave leaked to the press.

Then this happened. Whatever “this” is exactly.

It’s unclear just what point Johnson was trying to make by sticking out his tongue and waving his head around like a lunatic in front of a visibly stunned reporter. The cut back to Mika Brzezinski does a good job of summing up the reaction from America, though.


Johnson’s “tongue” incident appears to have been in regards to his exclusion from the presidential debate stage. He’s upset that he won’t get a chance to face off against Clinton and Trump because he failed to meet the required poll numbers to be included. That’s not to say he’s given up hope. Johnson is reportedly banking on the laughably long shot scenario that Hillary Clinton will be literally thrown in jail because of her emails, allowing Johnson to swoop in at the last minute with a chance at the podium.

All of this isn’t to say he is doing as badly as one might expect given his uncanny ability to shove his foot in his mouth. Despite not understanding foreign policy, domestic policy, science, or even basic news literacy, Johnson is polling particularly strong among Millennials (including, in a bizarre instance of ideological incoherence, among former Bernie Sanders fans). That’s unfortunate, because it’s hard to argue that Johnson could have done less to earn people’s votes. His clownish behavior on the campaign trail attests to that.

Johnson may be another option, but he certainly isn’t a good option.

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