Gallup Names Obama ‘Most Admired Man Of 2016’; Trump Goes On Bizarre Anti-Obama Rant

It’s been a hard day for Trump’s ego. He woke up to find that it was President Obama and not himself that Americans admired most in 2016 despite his recent election win.

According to Pew, Obama’s streak has continued:

Americans are most likely to name President Barack Obama as the man they admire most in 2016. Twenty-two percent mentioned Obama in response to the open-ended question. President-elect Donald Trump was second at 15%. It is Obama’s ninth consecutive win…

Trump’s 2016 was spent smearing Gold Star families and defending sexual assault comments so this wasn’t a big surprise to anyone outside of Trump Tower.

Naturally, people assumed Trump would freak out over this latest proof that people don’t like him.

The countdown didn’t last long. Just 30 minutes. But it wasn’t directed at Gallup, it was directed at the sitting President of the United States. (Parker forgot to take into account Trump’s Law: When given all possible options, Trump will take the least dignified.)

On Twitter, Trump slammed the president which he referred to as “President O” for not supporting him enough. The number of eyes rolling could be measured on a seismograph.

That is Donald Trump making a “NOT!” joke – a sarcastic gag that was already dated 20 years ago.

It’s unclear exactly what Trump meant by accusing Obama of disparaging him but one possibility is that he was reacting to a general plea for tolerance given by the president at Pearl Harbor yesterday.

“Even when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward,” Obama said. “We must resist the urge to demonize those who are different.”

Obviously Obama didn’t name Trump or even hint at him – it’s a basic lesson in compassion and understanding – but it’s not surprising if Trump took it as a direct attack on his brand of xenophobia and the racial hatred he stoked during the campaign.

The premise that Obama is setting up roadblocks to a smooth transition is undermined… by Trump’s own campaign. Just days ago, his communications head Sean Spicer praised Obama for helping the campaign along, calling the White House “unbelievably gracious.”

Instead, it appears Trump ego was bruised (again) and he lashed out like a child.

UPDATE: As Vox’s Matt Yglasias points out, there are two other reasons for Trump to be very upset with the Most Admired list. Hillary Clinton was rated the highest in the “Most Admired Women” category, reflecting her popular vote win. And Michelle Obama was number 2. Melania, Trump’s wife, and Ivanka, Trump’s err…First Lady?… didn’t even place.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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