Gaggles Of Racists Are About To Turn Into Sexists: Hillary Announces Presidential Bid

It’s the announcement Democrats have waited on for months, if not years:  Hillary Clinton will officially run for President in 2016.

The official announcement came from top campaign adviser John Podesta in an email to likely campaign donors:

I wanted to make sure you heard it first from me – it’s official: Hillary’s running for president.

The announcement ends the speculation and makes official the right-wing’s worst nightmares.  The woman they know they don’t have a candidate with a snowball’s chance on the Senate floor of beating will take to the campaign trail, likely with no opposition.

The only plus for the right-wingers and their hateful base of ignorant sheep is they will now be able to replace their racist posts and innuendos towards President Obama into sexist posts and innuendos towards Clinton.

Here are some of the likely activities happening in conservative circles:

  • The number of available self-sticking Z’s may create a crisis as giant “never forget Benghazi” signs will go into mass production.
  • Conservative bloggers are busy replacing their pictures of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson with those of Oprah Winfrey and Patricia Arquette.
  • Right-Wing “comedians” are scurrying to find words that rhyme with “hormones” and “menopause.”
  • Corporate America is preparing itself for an onslaught of empowered women, not realizing they’ve been working for them for years.
  • Facebook is busy resetting its algorithm’s to pick up on the “C” word instead of the “N” word.

Just as the country was energized and mobilized to elect a black President, the same enthusiasm is in the air about Hillary Clinton, an established foreign policy expert, former Senator and two-term First Lady.  They love to say she’s never accomplished anything, perhaps it won’t be long before “two-term President” is added to the list.

The Republican pack of clowns intent on beating each other up for the privilege of losing to Clinton in the general election is so far silent, which is OK, because really nobody cares what they think.

H/T: The New York Times | Image: Wikipedia


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