Furious Shep Smith Goes ROGUE, Tells Trump AND His Bosses At Fox He Won’t Lie For Trump (VIDEO)

Shepard Smith once again refused to toe the line with Trump-approved talking points handed to him by management at Fox – and made his colleagues that do look like stooges in the process.

It’s safe to say that Smith was perhaps feeling a bit emboldened to speak out against his network considering they recently lost their boss to sexual harassment allegations and several of their stars in the fallout. If ever there was a time to deliver an on-air middle finger to your boss, it’s when they are stretched so thin that they can’t possibly get rid of you. Shep didn’t waste the opportunity.

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On his show, Smith was listening to correspondent Carl Cameron deliver a lengthy apology for the barrel of lies Trump brought to Matt Lauer’s forum event the night before. One of Trump’s most egregious lies was when he stated that he had been against the Iraq War from the very beginning. The fact that he was not against the war is beyond dispute. In 2002, he told Howard Stern that he was for the war. When asked directly whether or not he endorsed Bush’s invasion, he said – on tape: “Yeah, I guess so. I wish the first time it was done correctly.”

He. Supported. The. War.

But Shep’s intrepid correspondent Carl Cameron instead delivered the lines that would please Trump:

“In his view, he was an initial opposer of the Iraq War, notwithstanding his remarks to Howard Stern suggesting he might have supported. He again today accused the press and Hillary Clinton of lying and misrepresenting what his truth is.

His truth?” As opposed to the truth?

Smith was fed up. And called out, in a single tirade, Carl Cameron, Donald Trump and his employers at Fox who routinely ask their pundits to defend Trump’s lies:

“I don’t understand this ‘notwithstanding the remarks to Howard Stern.’ He told Howard Stern he was in support of the war. That was very early in the [war]. And now he wants us to erase that from the history books and when we don’t it’s our fault for misrepresenting what is actually a fact? It’s really difficult to wrap your head around what it is we’re expected to do here, because I’m not doing that. That’s insanity, and career suicide. He said he was far the war, period. That’s it.

A secondary lesson in all of this for other journalists: If Shep Smith can so concisely and forcefully call bullshit on Trump’s lies, surely the rest of the media can too. Instead, even centrist outlets like NBC continue to cower in fear of Trump’s backlash, posting indefensibly watered down headlines like this:


And how do we know Smith touched a nerve? Trump fans are pissed at him.

Mission Accomplished.

Watch the full exchange below via Raw Story:

Featured image via Fox News

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