Funny Or Die Puts Impressionists Out Of Work: GOP More Ridiculous Than Anything Made Up (VIDEO)

By this point, we all know that the GOP presidential candidates are basically professional panderers. Although some might argue this could be said of any politicians in any age, the current Republican clown car brings it to a whole new level.

These candidates are not only competing for the lowest common denominator of voters but for the cash offered mostly by shady, mysterious super PACS (as opposed to someone like Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders whose campaign relies almost completely on small “money bomb” donations mostly raised on the internet).

When Funny or Die exposes GOP candidates for what the are – ridiculous fools debating for donations – everyone wins.

In this clever game show style video, the crack team at Funny or Die teamed up with “Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron in their latest debate sketch. What makes this one particularly enjoyable is that no Impressionists or lip synching were required – just some clever editing. Because, let’s face it, the GOP candidates are absurd enough on their own. 

The set-up is pretty simple. Bergeron asks the candidates questions, and if they answer “correctly” their super PACS get cash.  The sketch gets off and rolling with a bang with the first question:

“Senator Rubio, for your super PAC, could you say something that means absolutely nothing, but will get the extreme right really fired up?”

All the candidates get their chance to make fools of themselves for money, and the results do not disappoint. And by that, I mean you’ll be laughing you a$$ off if you can get over the realization that one of these clowns might actually be president.

 Watch the GOP debating for cash:

Featured image screen capture via YouTube

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