Funny Or Die Put Trump’s Creepy Debate Appearance To Music And The Result Is Amazing (VIDEO)

Even at the end of the week, flack from the Presidential debate on Sunday is still flying around. There’s the ridiculousness of Trump denying he did what he said he did in the taped “chat” with Billy Bush and the conspiracy theories about how that tape was released in the first place. There are the words of Trump’s minions supporters who say they don’t care what he said or did, they will still vote for him. And there are accusations piling up from women who say that Trump did exactly what he boasted of doing and his surrogates flailing to counter them with nonsensical “arguments.”

Into this maelstrom of claims and denials and recriminations, comes the brainchild of one man. A man known for his film soundtracks, TV themes and rock songs. A man who watched the debate on Sunday and saw, not just a self-professed “alpha male” stalking his rival, but a mini-drama. And the music for this intense theater came to him. Now, we have been gifted with a brilliantly funny piece of dramaturgy. I give you… “Trump Stalks Hillary” with music by Danny Elfman:

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Now that we’ve had a laugh, let’s take a moment to examine what that stalking meant. On Friday’s edition of the Ellen show, Hillary Clinton spoke about the stalking, saying that she did notice it but was trying very hard not to.

“He was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage. And I would just feel this presence behind me, and I thought, Whoa, this is really weird. … I was just trying to stay focused, trying to keep my composure.”

She did an excellent job of it, too. Most women — and some men — have had a man try this intimidation technique on them. He’s usually larger, physically, but often not as intelligent as his victim. At least in my experience. That’s why he’s trying so hard to use his physicality. It’s really hard to keep it together under such circumstances but Hillary did an amazing job. That’s the kind of composure I want in a President.

Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune posted Trump’s stalking behavior was a ploy to hide a grasp of important issues that is “about as deep as a birdbath.”

“He stalked Clinton. He walked toward her as she spoke and stood behind her, his eyes locked on the back of her head like a jewelry store security guard, waiting for her to steal something… With his chin up in a silent Mussolini-like pose, cameras caught the video-savvy Trump looming over his opponent like an orange-topped chicken hawk, ready to pounce or, at least, ready to rattle her and the audience with childish distractions.”

No matter how you look at it — unless you are a Trumpite — the stalking backfired. Donald Trump thinks he is an alpha male. He acts like one, certainly. But he is not. He is an overgrown toddler with an expensive hair weave and spray-on tan. He is a narcissist, though, so he thinks he’s King Kong. Guess who is the insulted party in that comparison?

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